Wednesday, July 24, 2013

High flying pilots vs high-flying call girls

A GROUP of female robbers have been targeting Chinese men looking for prostitutes in Thailand because they are unlikely to lodge reports and risk exposure, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The daily said the women, who posed as prostitutes, would lure the men back to the hotel rooms, where they would spike their drinks.

When the men had fallen asleep, the women would flee with their cash and valuables.

Two pilots from Taiwan-based China Airlines are among the latest victims to fall into the trap. One of them, known only as Tong, had flown into Bangkok from Taipei on Oct 8 while the other was on vacation.

During a night out, the men brought two women they met in a bar back to Tong's room.

On Oct 11, when Tong - who was scheduled to fly to Amsterdam - did not show up at the meeting point, another pilot went to check on him only to find the two men lying naked and asleep.