Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bad day for this Japanese student, the prostitute he sought was her teacher

A Japanese secondary school student who sought services from a prostitution ring was shocked after finding out that his teacher was a prostitute, reported China Press.

He complained to the education authorities, which had the 29-year-old suspended for six months. She later resigned.

The teacher from Osaka said she became involved in the flesh trade last October because she needed money to pay her credit card debts of RM62,000 and her study loan

Singapore man sets up blog to document wife's affair

This is what he has to say:-

My wife has been cheating on me for sometime and I have always looked the other way.  Simply because I loved her a lot.

But things have been getting out of hand recently.  I have totally awaken from my slumber and now I am going to basically present to the world what type of woman I married.

I really don’t care anymore because I need to gain my sanity back.  I know by doing all these, I will be headed towards divorce.  But since my wife has been cheating all this while, there is really no use in trying to save this marriage.

I would like you as a spectator at home to see how I expose my wife of her infidelity.


Man actually a woman

A 66-year-old who lived his whole life as a man was given a surprising diagnosis after visiting the doctor in Hong Kong with a swollen abdomen - he was a woman.

Doctors realised the patient was female after they found the swelling came from a large cyst on an ovary, the Hong Kong Medical Journal reported.

The condition was the result of two rare genetic disorders.

The subject had Turner syndrome, which affects girls and women and results from a problem with the chromosomes, with characteristics including infertility and short stature.

But he also had congenital adrenal hyperplasia, increasing male hormones and making the patient, who had a beard and a "micropenis", appear like a man.