Sunday, October 6, 2013

Only in Japan: If you kill your rapist you will be charged with murder

A woman who stabbed the man who was trying to rape her to death with his own knife is being charged with manslaughter despite police conceding it “may have been justifiable self-defence,” and the fact they intend to charge the dead man with attempted rape.

According to police, a woman in her late teens was jogging by a river in Tokyo’s Adachi city at 10PM when an unidentified man in his fifties ambushed her with a knife.

He pushed her down and began kissing her and touching her body, but put his knife down in order to do so.
The woman seized her chance and his knife, and stabbed him in the thigh and then made good her escape, seeking help from a passing man who summoned police.

Her assailant meanwhile bled to death from the wound she inflicted over a period of 90 minutes, being pronounced dead on his arrival at hospital.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Serial killer, serial rapist and now serial panty thief

Thai police said Friday they had discovered thousands of items of stolen women's underwear at the home of a robbery suspect, the second time the man has been found hoarding undergarments this year.

Danai Raiwech, 48, was arrested at his home in a Bangkok suburb on Thursday after police searched his property in connection with a $325,000 heist at a jewellers.

His wife was found wearing items of stolen jewellery, but during the search officers also uncovered bags full of underwear.

"He confessed that he obsesses over underwear and uses it for masturbation," Police Colonel Napanwut Liamsanguan told AFP.

"He collected underwear for many years, stealing them from houses or apartments three or five each time.

I stopped counting at 2,000 pieces of underwear but there must be more than 5,000 of them I'm sure," he said.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Girls! If you find it hard to get a boyfriend, try Japanese men

The latest official statistics to highlight just how lonely the Japanese race has become of late show some 60% of young men apparently have neither girlfriend nor female friends, with women scarcely being any better off.

The Japanese government’s latest white paper on the vexing issue of how the younger generations can be squeezed to pay for the pensions of their elders if they insist on not breeding reveals just how few Japanese now enjoy the company of the opposite sex.

Their findings suggest some 60% of young men now find themselves without the benefit of female friendship or lovers (non-breeding homosexuals evidently being of limited interest).

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fat as pig

A soccer player in Belgium has demanded a public apology and damages from a television commentator who described him as being "fat as a pig".

Charleroi issued a statement on behalf of striker Harlem Gnohere, commonly known as "Bison", saying TV presenter Stephane Pauwels had contacted the club to offer his apologies.

Pauwels told viewers during Charleroi's 2-1 defeat by KV Kortrijk on Saturday: "Bison is fat as a pig. He is 15 kilograms too heavy and he's going nowhere."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oops! TV Reporter Accidentally Doodles Giant **** While..........

United Nations got nothing to do except to declare Nov 19 as World's Toilet Day

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly on Wednesday proclaimed Nov 19 as World Toilet Day to foster access of basic sanitation services for the world's poor, Xinhua news agency reported.

"I am delighted and grateful that member states have adopted a resolution officially designating Nov 19 as World Toilet Day," said UN deputy secretary-general Jan Eliassson.

"This new annual observance will go a long way toward raising awareness about the need for all human beings to have access to sanitation," he said in a statement welcoming the General Assembly resolution.

Here comes halal search

Internet is full of porn and non-halal items. So a group of dedicated Muslims have come out with a noble idea HALAL SEARCH.

Go to the web site and try search for a non-halal item and here what you will get:-

High flying pilots vs high-flying call girls

A GROUP of female robbers have been targeting Chinese men looking for prostitutes in Thailand because they are unlikely to lodge reports and risk exposure, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The daily said the women, who posed as prostitutes, would lure the men back to the hotel rooms, where they would spike their drinks.

When the men had fallen asleep, the women would flee with their cash and valuables.

Two pilots from Taiwan-based China Airlines are among the latest victims to fall into the trap. One of them, known only as Tong, had flown into Bangkok from Taipei on Oct 8 while the other was on vacation.

During a night out, the men brought two women they met in a bar back to Tong's room.

On Oct 11, when Tong - who was scheduled to fly to Amsterdam - did not show up at the meeting point, another pilot went to check on him only to find the two men lying naked and asleep.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fat, big and juicy. We deliver them all

Japanese police have arrested the alleged ringleader of a sex home-delivery service specialising in women weighing up to 150 kilograms (330 lbs), a spokesman said.

Keiko Saito, 41, and one of her employees are suspected of conspiring to run a prostitution business under the name "Makkusu Bodi" (Max Body), which boasted that it catered for men who like "explosive boobs and bums", police said.

Saito is alleged to have had about 30 overweight women working for her, including one who tipped the scales at more than 150 kilograms, Jiji Press reported

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Woman had sex with cat

An Oklahoma City woman is accused of threatening her neighbor with a knife before announcing she had sex with her cat.

Kristina Michelle Brown, 23, allegedly brandished a pocket knife at her neighbor, 72-year-old Elmer Morrison, Monday afternoon and asked if he wanted to die, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Morrison called the cops, and when a responding officer asked Morrison why she was threatening her neighbor, she allegedly replied, "Because of what he did to me… I had sex with my cat and everyone knows."

She allegedly added that Morrison didn't know she had sex with the cat, she was just "mad at him and wants him to die."

Brown was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

If you are male and lacks sex, marry a Singaporean

Based on the survey conducted by the Singapore unit of the Menarini Group, close to 80 per cent of women from Singapore aged 18 to 45 would like to have more sex, compared to 69 per cent of their counterparts in Asia-Pacific.

This could be due to the fact that women in Singapore are only getting action in the bedroom roughly five times per month in contrast to the average of roughly eight times across nine markets surveyed, including Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.

We forgot our bank details that's why we cannot buy new players

Amidst growing outrage over Arsenal once again failing to spend money in the summer transfer window, chief executive Ivan Gazidis has publicly admitted that they have not been able to spend because they have forgotten all of the club's bank details. Despite rumored interest in the likes of Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Suarez, Stevan Jovetic and Wayne Rooney, Arsenal have only brought in 20-year-old French striker Yaya Sanogo on a free transfer so far this summer. With this new admission, Arsenal are hoping that supporters and critics will allow them the time necessary to track down the vital banking information.

"In an effort to build up the club's finances, Arsene Wenger and I decided to hide all of the bank information and withdrawal slips so no one would be tempted to spend," Gazidis told reporters.

"Everyone forgets things," Gazidis concluded. "Keys, umbrellas, the means to access accounts holding hundreds of millions of pounds — it happens literally all the time."

Bill Gates just lost $1.6 billion today

Shares of Microsoft dropped 11.4 percent today, representing the biggest single-day drop in over 13 years. The last time it occurred was on April 24, 2000, when shares plunged 15.6 percent as the world's largest software company locked itself in an antitrust dispute with the U.S. government.

Friday's loss means more than $30 billion has been wiped off Microsoft's market value in one day, equivalent to the entire GDP of countries like Jordan or Bahrain.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Porn as textbook

Textbooks that were being used in Indonesian elementary schools have been withdrawn after they were found to contain a story about an erotic encounter in a brothel, an official said Thursday.

Outraged parents in the conservative, Muslim-majority country complained their children were being exposed to "porn" after the discovery of the tale entitled "The Shepherd Boy and Wolf Mother".

The story, in Indonesian language reading books being used by 11-year-olds, is about a man overcome with lust when he meets a woman at a brothel selling sex to support her child, who lives in her distant home village.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bad day for this Japanese student, the prostitute he sought was her teacher

A Japanese secondary school student who sought services from a prostitution ring was shocked after finding out that his teacher was a prostitute, reported China Press.

He complained to the education authorities, which had the 29-year-old suspended for six months. She later resigned.

The teacher from Osaka said she became involved in the flesh trade last October because she needed money to pay her credit card debts of RM62,000 and her study loan

Singapore man sets up blog to document wife's affair

This is what he has to say:-

My wife has been cheating on me for sometime and I have always looked the other way.  Simply because I loved her a lot.

But things have been getting out of hand recently.  I have totally awaken from my slumber and now I am going to basically present to the world what type of woman I married.

I really don’t care anymore because I need to gain my sanity back.  I know by doing all these, I will be headed towards divorce.  But since my wife has been cheating all this while, there is really no use in trying to save this marriage.

I would like you as a spectator at home to see how I expose my wife of her infidelity.


Man actually a woman

A 66-year-old who lived his whole life as a man was given a surprising diagnosis after visiting the doctor in Hong Kong with a swollen abdomen - he was a woman.

Doctors realised the patient was female after they found the swelling came from a large cyst on an ovary, the Hong Kong Medical Journal reported.

The condition was the result of two rare genetic disorders.

The subject had Turner syndrome, which affects girls and women and results from a problem with the chromosomes, with characteristics including infertility and short stature.

But he also had congenital adrenal hyperplasia, increasing male hormones and making the patient, who had a beard and a "micropenis", appear like a man.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meet the exorcist who sent 160,000 demons back to hell

The Catholic Church's top exorcist, who claims to have sent 160,000 demons back to hell, says he wants Pope Francis to allow all priests to start performing the ritual to deal with a rising demand for exorcisms from the faithful.

Father Gabriele Amorth, 88, who also heads the International Association of Exorcists, told The Sunday Times that he will ask Pope Francis to allow all priests the right to do exorcisms without the church's approval. According to the report, priests currently need special approval from their bishop to perform the rite and it is rarely granted.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Metallica guitar confiscated by Indonesian authorities

The Indonesian government will confiscate a Metallica guitar that was a gift to the heavy metal-loving governor of the capital Jakarta due to concerns about corruption, an official said Tuesday.

A beaming Joko Widodo appeared on TV earlier this month strumming the maroon bass guitar that had belonged to the US band's Robert Trujillo and was a gift from a concert promoter.

But following the TV appearance, the popular governor voluntarily handed the guitar, which bore the words "Giving Back!... Keep Playin' That Cool Funky Bass!", to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Following an investigation into the instrument, in line with rules about gifts to officials, the commission said Tuesday the government will confiscate the instrument.

"The KPK has investigated and decided that the guitar will be confiscated by the government as there is a conflict of interest which could potentially lead to bribery," commission official Giri Supradiyono told AFP.

Obama regular iinternet cafe customer in China

President Barack Obama appears to be a regular customer of a Chinese Internet cafe, reports said, after the manager forged an identity card in the US leader's name to help surfers avoid China's web rules.

The card has a full-face picture of Obama, lists his correct birthday and gives his address as "White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC", while stating his ethnicity as "Kenyan", pictures showed.

As part of their efforts to control the web, China's Communist rulers require Internet cafes to register users' identity numbers before letting them go online.

The manager of the shop in Jinan, the capital of the eastern province of Shandong, created the card by printing out Obama's personal details and sticking them on to the front of a genuine ID lost by its holder in 2010.

Doing so allowed him to give customers without documentation -- such as teenagers -- easy access to the Internet, the official website reported late Tuesday.

Police were "spooked" when they saw the card during a routine inspection last week, it added, and the manager, identified only by his surname Guo, was given an unspecified "punishment" - AFP

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This is his name..... remember it

Incoming high school senior Ratziel is enrolling this week at Urdaneta City National High School in Pangasinan, northern Philippines, and he will have to write down his full name. It consists of 40 first names—plus a surname. Incredible as it may seem, Ratziel, 15, was born Ratziel Timshel Ismail Zerubbabel Zabud Zimry Pike Blavatsky Philo Judaeus Polidorus Isurenus Morya Nylghara Rakoczy Kuthumi Krishnamurti Ashram Jerram Akasha Aum Ultimus Rufinorum Jancsi Janko Diamond Hu Ziv Zane Zeke Wakeman Wye Muo Teletai Chohkmah Nesethrah Mercavah Nigel Seven Morningstar A. San Juan CCCII.

Man charged in court with 423 counts of insulting modesty by taking upskirt videos of women.

A man was charged in Singapore on Tuesday with 423 counts of insulting modesty by taking upskirt videos of women.

Kew Guozhi, 31, is alleged to have used a camera pen to capture video recordings of the inner thighs and underwear of his victims over a two-year period between 2009 and 2010.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Woman divorces man with 5cm penis

A 52-year-old Taiwanese woman has been granted a divorce to end her four year marriage with a civil servant, whom she claimed to have a tiny Willy.

The woman, also a civil servant surnamed Zhang, said the 55-year-old—known only as Zhou—has also failed to keep his promise to have sex with her three times a week. "His penis is so small, like a kid's, only 5cm long. We've never had sex in our entire marriage," she added.

Zhang said they met in July 2008 through a common friend and got married five months later. She had wanted to have sex with Zhou before signing the marriage papers but he refused, citing religious reason for not having premarital sex.

Zhang said she only found out about her husband's problems on their wedding night. "He's also impotent and unable to fulfill his responsibility as a husband. We quarreled the whole night and I asked him to seek treatment."

The couple separated the day after their marriage, but they spent 10-odd nights together to see if the husband's condition had improved. Unfortunately, it hadn't.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

If you look like Pope John Paul, better do plastic surgery fast before they arrest you

A Slovak street performer dressed in white papal vestments has been detained and fined by the police in Rome for bearing too close a resemblance to the late John Paul II, the police said on Friday.

"The problem was that he looked a lot like Karol Wojtyla. He was detained for usurpation of title which is a misdemeanour," a police spokeswoman told AFP.

"The cassock he was wearing has been confiscated," she added.

The man has been released and will have to pay between 154 and 929 euros ($200 and $1,200), depending on a decision by a judge, the spokeswoman said.

Another officer at the station where the 55-year-old man was taken quipped: "If he had been dressed like Tutankhamun nothing would have happened."

The performer has been working the main avenue leading up to the Colosseum in his white skullcap for weeks -- alongside Roman centurion imitators and other performers -- but police said they acted following an anonymous complaint.

A vendor selling miniature Colosseum souvenirs on a spot overlooking the Roman Forum said he saw the man being detained on Thursday.

"He was right here, near me. He was taken away by two officers in civilian clothes who were pretending to be tourists," he said - AFP

Monday, January 28, 2013

93-year old kills wife

A 93-year-old Kansas City man has been charged with killing his 95-year-old wife in what investigators are calling a homicide and attempted suicide.


Just photoshop a degree for that high-paying job

According to Singapore's Straits Times, a failed Singaporean barber with only a high school certificate fraudulently faked a degree and a Ph D from a Florida university and used them to secure high-paying job as Human Resources director in 3 companies.

He managed to earn between S$9000 to $10,000 a month before he was exposed at the third company.

He was jailed.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No straddling motorcycles, please!

Indonesia's northwestern province Aceh has introduced a controversial new law banning women from sitting on motorcycles with their legs apart. Activists are calling for a reversal of the ban.

Despite opposition from human rights activist, authorities in Aceh's city administration of Lhokseumawe decided to release a law banning women from straddling motorbikes earlier this week.