Sunday, October 14, 2012

Please marry me

A Pakistani will be deported from the UAE for breaching a woman’s modesty by posting a love letter on her car’s windshield asking her to marry him, UAE daily Gulf News reported.

The woman, 26 from Iran, told police that it wasn’t the first time the defendant has been stalking her for a long while.

“I do not know the defendant in person… but he has done it in the past also. Last time I complained to the police, but then I withdrew my complaint after he signed an undertaking promising not to stalk or harass me,” she was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

The defendant admitted that he posted the love letter, telling court that he loved the woman and was serious about his marriage proposal, the report claimed.

The Dubai misdemeanour Court fined the defendant AED 2000 ($544) and ordered his deportation, the report added.

The decision is subject to appeal within 15 days.