Saturday, October 27, 2012

The case of sleeping police officers and their stupid defender

This is from AFP:-

A Bulgarian police spokeswoman was sacked on Thursday after calling a man who took and circulated a photo of three policemen sleeping in their car a "peasant fool," authorities said.

The image of the three men in uniform snoozing in their patrol car in the eastern city of Varna appeared in Bulgarian media and went viral on the Internet in recent days, even though it was taken on July 2.

Asked to comment earlier this week, Varna police spokeswoman Kalinka Pencheva lashed out at the picture's author Boyan Boozov in a television interview.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov personally ordered her dismissal for the "inadmissible" comments, calling them "damaging to the interior ministry's reputation."

No disciplinary measures have so far been taken against the sleeping officers.

Why you should not be a TV anchor

Video of Bird pooping on Fox World Series anchor live. FOX40 Sacramento anchor Paul Robins was vamping on live TV outside of AT&T Park Thursday morning after the big Giants win

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Man attempted to cut off his own penis

A 29 year old Thai man attempted to cut off his own penis and earlier cut off his index finger and thumb while his Girlfriend was out working.

She had returned to their rented apartment at the Porntip Apartments on the Thepprasit Road in Jomtien, Pattaya early on Wednesday Morning but could not enter her apartment so took a spare key from the owner of the building. She gained access and saw her 29 year old boyfriend, Khun Anucha, lying on the floor, covered in blood. The thumb and index finger were recovered and packed in ice and his partially severed penis was bandaged up by rescue workers who soon arrived.

It was known that the victim used to work in Korea where he was given a 2 year contract by a Tech Company. He returned to Thailand before the end of his contract and soon showed signs of a mental illness.

Please marry me

A Pakistani will be deported from the UAE for breaching a woman’s modesty by posting a love letter on her car’s windshield asking her to marry him, UAE daily Gulf News reported.

The woman, 26 from Iran, told police that it wasn’t the first time the defendant has been stalking her for a long while.

“I do not know the defendant in person… but he has done it in the past also. Last time I complained to the police, but then I withdrew my complaint after he signed an undertaking promising not to stalk or harass me,” she was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

The defendant admitted that he posted the love letter, telling court that he loved the woman and was serious about his marriage proposal, the report claimed.

The Dubai misdemeanour Court fined the defendant AED 2000 ($544) and ordered his deportation, the report added.

The decision is subject to appeal within 15 days.

Hey Minister, please do something since foreigners are stealing our women

Only ugly women are left for Singaporeans

A young Singapore man has appealed publicly to Minister in Prime Minister Office Grace Fu during a townhall meeting recently to stop foreign men from ‘stealing’ Singaporean women from local men.

During the Q&A session, he complained that Singapore men are losing out in the race to the altar because local women are increasingly favoring foreign men.

His complaint drew a round of laughter from the audience, but he silenced them with a glaring look:

“I think we shouldn’t laugh. It is an important problem and we need to solve it,” he thundered.

He added that foreign men tend to enjoy higher pay and better perks which give them an unfair advantage in the competition for Singaporean women’s heart.

Unfortunately, there is nothing the government can do about this, he was told.

“The government cannot regulate love,” Ms Fu said.

Sorry Mr Koh, I slept with your wife

An Ang Mo Kio Market pork seller in Singapore known as  Mr Wong had posted an apology in a Chinese newspaper to one Mr Koh for..... sleeping with Mr Koh's wife.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Man failed to settle debt so debt collectors cooked him into curry

A restaurant owner who took a loan of 20 million yen from loan sharks was believed murdered and his body cooked into curry. Three men have been arrested by police and admitted they murdered the loan defaulter and cooked him into curry.

Police would not say whether the suspects had eaten the curry or not. Pic, the suspected curry chefs.