Monday, July 9, 2012

You wet your bed, you drink your urine

In an incident that sent shock waves across India, a hostel warden at Visva Bharati University in West Bengal forced a fifth-class student to drink her own urine as a punishment for bed-wetting. Uma Poddar, the warden of Karabi Girls' Hostel at the University in Santiniketan, was arrested by the police on Monday, after the 10-year-old victim's parent filed a case against her for the heinous act.

The warden was later granted bail but the university authorities wasted no time in suspending her. Describing the incident as 'deplorable', Visva Bharati university vice-chancellor Sushanta Dasgupta said the warden has been suspended.

The University sources however claimed the warden had made the girl lick the bedsheet she had wetted and had not forced her to drink her urine.