Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You don't stop a concert especially when it is a dangdut concert

A police station and local office of a youth organization were allegedly vandalized by members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) on Sunday after the hard-line Islamists were attacked by youths while trying to shut down a dangdut performance in Ciawi, Tasikmalaya, West Java, police said.

A brawl broke out between members of the FPI and the local Karang Taruna youth organization Saturday night. The Islamist organization — known for conducting violent raids on events deemed immoral — tried to shut down a dangdut concert, but were met with resistance from members of the local youth organization. The youths reportedly beat three members of the FPI after the failed raid.

Local police, stationed in a subdistrict office next door, arrested those involved in the brawl, West Java Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Martinus Sitompul said.

The FPI then allegedly turned on the police and busted the windows out of the police station, Martinus said.