Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sorry women, no mobile phone for you

Love marriages, unescorted visits to the market and even the use of mobile phones — women up to the age of 40 in Uttar Pradesh’s Bagpat area in India can have none of these. The decision, which seems inspired by a Taliban-style diktat, has been taken by the village elders, ostensibly to safeguard women from “teasing.”

The elders issued a “farman” (diktat) barring women up to the age of 40 from going to the market and using mobile phones in the village and outside their home after complaints of “teasing” and “harassment” were reported from the area.

Sources said the “farman” was issued at the meeting of the panchayat of Asara village in Bagpat district on Tuesday after it was apprised of growing incidents of teasing in the village market. Asara is a Muslim-dominated village and several members of the minority community were present at the meeting.