Wednesday, July 11, 2012

She scored 99.9% in high school exam and appealed to get 100%

Sarah Hui Xin Wong scored 99.95 per cent in her 2008 final high school exam, but she was not pleased with the result and appealed against it. She believed that she should have gotten 100 per cent if she had been allocated extra time to accommodate her condition, joint hyper mobility of the wrist.

She believed that further privileges would have allowed her to get 100 per cent as her handwriting had become illegible because her hand was cramping.

According to TNT magazine her appeal stated that she should have been given extra time or access to a computer, even though she received some breaks during the exam.

The Sydney Morning Herald also reported that she turned down the option of a writer who would take down her dictation.

Sarah believed that she would have received top marks if she had been treated fairly during the exams. Her current result means that she had fared better than 99.95 per cent of the other students in the university entry rankings.

The Straits Times reported that Sarah, now 21, had lost her appeal at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal, a New South Wales tribunal - SOURCE