Monday, July 16, 2012

Confessions of a woman sex addict

What is it like to be addicted to sex? A self-confessed sex addict reveals how her addiction cost her to lose her husband, job, and baby.

According to a news report, 37-year-old Connie Chew says that whenever the urge to have sex hits her, she gets breathless, experiences hot flushes and images of making out with someone with flash through her mind. She adds that she has to fulfill this urge, no matter what.

As a result, Ms Chew goes looking for sex partners at nightclubs, and also indulges in cybersex and uses sex toys when she is 'unable to find a man'.

She reveals that she once had random sex with a former colleague and ended up at a budget hotel with three other men, all in the same day. When her binge ended at 4am, she decided to turn to her church counsellor, Katherine Ong, for help.

Her addiction has cost her dearly. She is twice divorced and was fired from her last job after an indiscretion was exposed. Her first marriage broke down because her husband was cheating on her. After her divorce, she went online to look for a relationship, and ended up having casual sex with several of these men - SOURCE