Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There are good cops and there are great cops!

A Vietnamese traffic policeman resorted to clinging on to the windshield wipers of a moving bus in attempt to stop a rogue driver in Ba Vi District outside Hanoi, Vietnam.

According to media reports, 2nd Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan had ordered the bus driver to stop the 39-passenger coach. The driver had allegedly been speeding above the acceptable limit and was also driving in the oncoming lane.

The driver had initially pulled over and got out of his vehicle to talk to Lt Phan. However he leapt back into his bus when the officer asked him to produce his paperwork.

Lt Phan then jumped on to the bus' windshield wipers and hung on as the driver sped on for nearly a kilometer.

The Associated Press reported that one of Lt Phan's fellow police officers caught the entire incident on camera. The video shows him trying to keep his feet on as he dangled precariously from the moving bus.

Oncoming traffic can be seen speeding past and Lt Phan can be heard yelling in Vietnamese, "Call the police!"

The driver, Phung Hong Phuong, finally pulled over after being chased by police and residents. Residents tried to beat the Phung up but Lt Phan stopped them.

Phung later revealed that he was afraid of being fined for traffic offences as he had been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and served four years in jail until 2010 - ASIAONE