Monday, April 9, 2012

Son was killed by black magic, so man killed wife

A residential society in Pune was witness to gruesome drama on Wednesday afternoon after a 30-year-old man was found to have brutally murdered his own wife. The police said that he had locked himself and his wife in his bedroom since Tuesday night, and was found sitting next to her dead body when the door was finally broken down on Wednesday.

According to the Khadak police, the incident occurred in the Excel Building in Guruwar Peth in Pune. The accused, Vikram Rasale (30) lived with his wife Swati and four-month-old daughter, while his brother Sanjay, a police constable, lived with his family in the adjoining flat on the same floor. Swati had given birth to twins — a girl and a boy — in December last year, but the boy died soon after birth, after which Vikram’s mental health slowly deteriorated.

“On Tuesday night, Vikram started saying that some black magic had killed his son and would now kill him as well. He forced Swati into the bedroom with him, locking the door from inside. Sanjay tried reasoning with him, but Vikram stayed adamant,” said an officer with the Khadak police.

By Wednesday afternoon, when Sanjay and his neighbours could no longer hear any noises from inside the room, they broke the door down. Swati was lying on the floor in a pool of blood, while Vikram was sitting some distance away. Sanjay immediately fetched a doctor, who pronounced Swati dead. Post-mortem reports indicate that her head was bashed against the wall repeatedly, and several bite marks have also been found on the body.

“Vikram keeps saying that he killed his wife, but refuses to say anything more about what exactly happened in that room. He is being subjected to psychiatric tests. We have arrested him for murder and are conducting further inquiries,” said R.L. Kadam, senior police inspector, Khadak police station.

Vikram used to run a milk distribution business in Pune while Swati was a housewife - Asian Age