Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes it's much better to be in prison than outside

300 cellphones, 1,700 meth-amphetamine tablets, and one kilo of crystal meth-amphetamine were found in a Thai jail when more than 600 police officials made a surprise raid on the facility. This happened even after inmates were warned of impending raid by those in power at the prison.

This is probably the most corrupt prison in Thailand. According to inmates you could buy a cellphone for between Bt200,000 to Bt350,000 or if you do not want to bown one, just rent one for Bt10,000 to Bt18,000 for one time use.

The raid was conducted after reports that the prison had become a base for drug-trafficking gangs. Drug-addicts in the province had previously confessed to the police they got their supplies from the jail.