Sunday, April 8, 2012

Please f**k off, you are too stupi!

HIS is the scathing letter of rejection a recruiter sent to a job-seeker - and 4000 others - in a reply-all snafu.

Manchester-based Gary Chaplin is now seeking a new job himself after being forced to quit his job, and £200,000 salary, for his expletive-ridden message.

Manos Katsampoukas mass-mailed recruiters, a move that lit Mr Chaplin's short fuse and resulted in a nasty response, the Daily Mail reports.

But Mr Chaplin, in addition to over-stepping the mark, made the cardinal sin: he replied all.

"I think I speak for all 4000 people you have emailed when I say, 'Thanks for your CV' – it's nice to know you are taking this seriously," he said.

"Please f*** off ... you are too stupid to get a job, even in banking. Yours hitting the delete button, Have a nice day!"