Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Men only: If you want US$1.3 million, here's your chance

A Saudi woman is offering SR5 million to get married — even if it is a misyar marriage (the couple lives separately and see each other to fulfill their needs when they please).

The woman has conditions which she will not reveal now. The main thing is that the new husband must “appreciate marriage life.”

The woman published her offer in the Saudi Arabic language magazine Roa, which and said she encouraged potential suitors to apply by e-mail or fax.

“Applicants should provide their contact number so the woman will contact them in case she agrees on the marriage,” the magazine said.

It quoted the woman as saying:”It does not matter whether the new husband is attracted to my money as the most important thing is that he must appreciate marriage life and marital duties … I am even ready to accept a misyar marriage and pay him SR5 million at once … he will live with me in my villa and must accept all my conditions which I will reveal to him later.”

The magazine said the woman was married before but that she divorced her husband because he “was greedy and wanted only money.”

“I made the wrong choice first time … I want to make the right choice now … my main obsession now is to marry … I am desperate to marry,” the woman said.

Misyar is permitted in Saudi Arabia and under Islam, though,misyar is not popular with many who see it as legalized prostitution.

Women lose nearly all their rights in a misyar marriage and nearly 80 percent of misyar relationships end in divorce.

There has been no follow up on the reply at press time.

Riyal 5 million = US$1.33 million