Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kill my mother but don't touch the family dog

This Russian teenager is all heart.

The 16-year-old ordered a hit on her own mother after she was banned from having boyfriends, but she instructed the would-be assassin not to lay a finger on the family dog.

The girl also toyed with the idea of having her father murdered, RIA Novosti reported overnight. She decided against it, however, fearing for the loss of his income - and presumably her pocket money.

The case was revealed by court officials in the northern Arctic Circle city of Vorkuta, where the girl was arrested last week.

She reportedly approached a friend to carry out the contract killing, promising him 14,000 rubles ($470) to ensure her 34-year-old mum met with a quick and painless demise.

"When discussing the job with her friend, the girl specifically insisted that he not harm her dog, which she loved a lot, during the shootout," a local prosecutor told RIA Novosti.

The plan unravelled when the friend got cold feet and contacted police.

The teenager is currently in custody and faces up to 13 years in prison if charged and convicted with preparing a contracted murder, the state-owned news agency said - NewsCore