Friday, April 20, 2012

It is money, money, money, money and more money

An Indonesian woman is demanding Rp 45 billion from her former husband, a New Zealand businessman, to release their intellectually impaired adult son, who she has chained to a bed in her home in Surabaya, a report said.

The New Zealand Herald reported that despite the issue being raised during Prime Minister John Key’s recent trip to Indonesia, and visits by New Zealand embassy staff and Indonesian Immigration officials to Yuhanie Marisa Latinia’s home, Simon Donaldson, 26, had not been freed.

Simon Donaldson, 26, is a New Zealand citizen and technically an illegal overstayer in Indonesia. He reportedly suffers from leukodystrophy, which causes deteriorating motor skills and bouts of dementia, and is being held against his will.

Father David Donaldson was reportedly awarded sole custody of the former couple’s five adult children when they separated 20 years ago.

The Herald reported that Yuhanie has “demanded more than $6 million (Rp 45 billion) for Simon’s release, saying his sickness is the result of magic brought about by her ex-husband and that he should pay.”

Yuhanie, who has posted a photograph on her Facebook page directing a threat at her former husband, would not comment when contacted by the paper.