Saturday, April 14, 2012

Don't hide your manhood between your thighs... especially not from your wife

A Lusaka Local court has heard that a Chongwe man denies his wife sex by "carefully 'folding' his manhood and hiding it in between his thighs." This came to light in a case in which 32-year-old Maureen Lupangala of Mutendere sued her husband Gasper Nyangu, 40 for failing to fulfil bedroom duties to her as wife. Married in 1998 with three children together, the couple has been on separation for nearly a month now. The court heard that the two went on separation last month after Nyangu chased Lupangala from their matrimonial home after she reported her to his family and in church that he was not giving her sex.

But Nyangu caused laughter in the court when he insisted saying that he chased Lupangala would be wrong because he just sent her back to her parents so that she can be taught about the things that can be and cannot be said in public. Lupangala told the court that although she's been alive for 30 plus years, she'd never heard or seen something about a husband starving his wife of sex by hiding his manhood between his thighs until Nyangu did it to her.

"I've had problems-most of the time but since I was born I've never heard of a man hiding away his manhood from his wife. Each time we go to bed, I could see my husband carefully 'folding' and hiding his manhood in between his thighs. He then would close his legs tightly making it very impossible for me to pull it [manhood] out. I've tried so many times to pull his manhood out of the thighs when I thought he was asleep, but as soon as I touch it, he would scream and immediately wake up "

"Last month, he packed my bags and escorted me back to my father's home. He told them that he would come and collect me after a year. But this stunned my dad and me as well. I don't know what I did to sent back home in that manner. All I know is that on the night before I was chased out of the house, I bit his hand as I was trying to pull out his manhood and he was using his hand to push my mouth away from his manhood," she alleged. And in his defence testimony, Nyangu who admitted to denying Lupangala sex for several months but said it is unfair for her to drag him to court for sex.

"I have told her over and over again that as a Head of the house, I decide when, how and how many times sex is to be done in my house. She puts me in a lot of problems because if you give her sex for 10 minutes, she will demand an hour...two hours...the whole night.., the whole week and even everyday. So, your Honour, how in the world can you enjoy sex with a woman like that?" he wondered.

"I thought by denying her sex, she would start thinking like a normal woman but all efforts have gone in vain. What kind of a man can have sex every time, all time"