Thursday, April 19, 2012

If you want to steal something, British parliament is a good place to start

Four barrels of beer, a bottle of champagne and a bicycle repair kit have been reported stolen from Britain's parliament in recent months, official records showed Tuesday.

A flower arrangement, two iPads, a passport and a printer were also among 36 reported thefts from June up to March 22, according to the House of Commons Commission.

Ten laptop computers, cash, a watch, a medal, two mobile phones, a souvenir, two bags and a trolley with a consignment of books were also on the list.

The Palace of Westminster in central London is surrounded by tight security, with armed police guarding its entrances and patrolling the parliamentary estate.

But the list showed up some light-fingered work going on inside the iconic building.

The thieves' haul was revealed following a question by lawmaker Keith Vaz, who chairs the lower House of Commons' Home Affairs Select Committee scrutiny body - AFP