Thursday, April 12, 2012

If you want to escape from prison, get that female prison guard naked

A female prison officer was found naked in bed with an escaped inmate on March 16, 2011.

It was learnt, in an on-going court case, that police found Christine Robertson at her flat with missing “dangerous” prisoner James Holland, 40, who walked out of Castle Huntly jail last March.

Detective Constable Dean Miller, 27, told the court two officers used a battering ram to smash the front door open when intelligence suggested that Holland – who was serving an eight-year term for assault and robbery – was at Robertson’s flat.

Police officers had to shoot Holland, described as “one of Scotland’s most feared and dangerous men”, with a stun gun as he stood naked and waving a knife at them.

Miller said, "Mr Holland had to be tasered using an electronic stun gun.”

"He was quite aggressive and belligerent. Once he was subdued I pulled back the covers of the bed to reveal a female underneath."

Robertson, 45, was later taken to the spare bedroom. Miller added that the female guard was “giggling and laughing” and saying that her career was “f***ed”.

Prison officer Graham Tait, 47, told the trial that Robertson was Holland’s personal prison officer - The Star