Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One million red roses worth millions of dollars for a wronged wife

A male resident of Kazakhstan decided to impress his wife with an apology for a family fight that the couple had had before. The man ordered a bouquet of one million red roses to apologize and surprise his wife.

The man lives in the city of Kyzylorda in the south of the republic, but the ordered the roses from a flower shop in Almaty, the largest city in the country. As a wholesale customer, the man received a considerable discount for his order, news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan said. The man has already prepaid the order.

"We have already ordered flowers in Almaty. All roses will be Dutch, they will be scarlet and of the same length. We are giving the wholesale customer a very large discount. There has never been such an order in our city before," the owner of the flower shop told the republican newspaper Express-K.

According to the newspaper, 90 percent of "Dutch" roses in fact normally arrive in Kyzylorda from Ecuador, China and Uzbekistan. The remaining 10 percent of the flowers are grown in Kazakhstan.

"But for such an important order, we will bring real roses from Holland," the shop owner said - pravda