Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jesus Christ is buried in Japan

Yoshikazu Okada claims that Jesus was of Japanese descent, trained in Japan, escaped the crucifixion, returned to Japan, and eventually died there, and that all Christians have to go to Japan to receive salvation.

In 1935, Kiyomaro Takeuchi discovered 1900 year old document stored in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, containing evidence, that Jesus (Joshua) born in Bethlehem to virgin Mary is buried in Herai Village in Aomori district of Japan. The document contained also Jesus will, requesting that his brother's tomb to be located next to his.

People in Herai, for almost 2000 years perform a dance and sing a very strange song: "Nanya Do Yara Nanya Do Nasareno Nanya Do Yara", repeated many times. This custom is very specific to Herai village. This song, as recorded in Japanese writing, has absolutely no meaning in the Japanese language. However, some people say that phonetically it resembles distorted Japanese phrases: "What is it? what's happening ?, what are you going to do ?".

The complete translation/decoding of the song riddle takes many pages and reveals, among many other things, the precise identity, ethnic origin, exact circumstances of Birth, education and the Magnitude of the Intellect of its Author, buried in Herai. Detailed analysis of ancient Hebrew words indicates that the song is a precise code referring to ancient Hebrew texts, well known in the 1-st century AD. The question seems to be in Japanese, the detailed answer is encoded as a riddle in Hebrew. The depth, precision and intelligence of the code in The Song is clearly a work of a genius. It took people on Earth almost 2000 years to decipher his song!

At local gift shops, believers and nonbelievers alike can buy Jesus coasters, Jesus thermometers, Jesus telephone cards and more.

One shop even sells “Kirisuto no Sato” sake.

Jesus Christ's direct descendant is a garlic farmer living in northeast Japan, or so residents in this isolated village say.

According to local legend, Jesus escaped here after the Romans tried to crucify him and died a peaceful death at the age of 106 after having fathered three daughters by a Japanese woman - SOURCE