Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If farmers cannot sell their pork, ask soldiers to eat them

In what might be called a "pork barreling" move, Liu Chien-kuo and Chen Ming-wen, both from Taiwan's opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), proposed that the country's 270,000 servicemen eat a kilogram of pork a day. The proposal was meant to alleviate the plight of pig farmers in Taiwan.

"A 100-kilogram pig sells for less than NT$5,000 (US$169) nowadays," Liu said, adding that if each solider eats a kilogram of pork each day, roughly 3,000 more will be sold each day.

The DPP lawmaker also suggested that his recommendation be immediately carried out. Merely encouraging the procurement of pork is not enough, said Liu.

"Our pigs are not fed leanness enhancers and eating pork is a good deed," Liu stressed - China Post