Thursday, March 15, 2012

I want sex and I want it everyday

A woman is outraged that a Vietnamese woman has been calling her 68-year-old husband for sex every day.

Mdm Wang (60, waitress) had discovered the Vietnamese woman seducing her husband one day when her husband answered a phone call with an odd expression.

A suspicious Mdm Wang had snatched the phone over and heard a woman on the other end of the line beckoning her husband for sex.

Outraged with the explicit request, Mdm Wang scolded the woman and warned her to stay away.

But the Vietnamese woman did not relent, and has been calling Mdm Wang's husband almost every day for the past month.

According to Mdm Wang, the woman would call many times each day, sometimes even in the middle of the night at 1am or 3am, to ask her husband for sex.

The woman also took to sending SMSes to Mdm Wang's husband, claiming to love him and again asking for sex.

One such SMS said, "I love you I want **** you".

Mdm Wang's husband had apparently got to know the Vietnamese woman at a coffeeshop in Geylang, which he frequents for drinks with his friends.

He has denied having any relationship with the woman.

Mdm Wang has since made a police report and the authorities are investigating - AsiaOne