Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to kill your husband

An Egyptian woman had sex with her husband all the night to exhaust him, waited for him to feel asleep and stabbed him to death. She then cut his body into little pieces and fed them to cats and dogs.

The woman, who was arrested two weeks after the murder, told police she decided to murder her man because he had persistently mistreated her.

It also took her nearly two weeks to plan for the murder. After surfing through the internet for a good plot that could elude police, she found that the best way is to exhaust him by having sex with him all the night so he will fall asleep.

The woman, a tour guide, said she carried out that plan to the letter and that it did work.

Her husband Adel Abdullah, also a tour guide in the central town of Minya, was worn out and was fast asleep after a full night sexual session.

She then brought a knife and started to stab him but he did not die as the knife was small. She then brought a big knife and finished him off before lying on the bed next to him for several hours to take rest.

"After I woke up, I began skinning him and cutting his body into little pieces. I put the pieces inside bags and started throwing them to stray cats and dogs in the back garden."

"I then sat on the balcony watching them eating," she told police, according to Egyptian newspapers.

"Every time they finished a piece, I threw them another piece. I then crushed his skull and bones with the gas cylinder, put black paint on them and dumped them in the garbage bin so no one will recognise them."

Source: emirates247.com