Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good college grades are only for beautiful students. If you are ugly, don't go to college, stay home

A female student at the Sunundha Rajabhat University has submitted a complaint with the dean against an Education Faculty lecturer who she claimed based his grades on the attractiveness of the students. She alleged the lecturer will only help attractive female students with questions, while turning away students who are less appealing. She also claimed her fellow students have been sexually harassed by the lecturer. The student claimed the professor has touched the students who wear short skirts and tight fitting uniform inappropriately.

However, she claimed fellow students who were subjected to the lecturer's inappropriate conduct have refused to come forward, fearing repercussions on their grades.

The dean of Sunandha Rajabhat University revealed the female student has submitted a formal complaint against the lecturer for allegedly giving unfair grades. Sunandha Rajabhat dean, Chuangchote Pantuwej, said a committee will be set up to investigate her claim and, if necessary, revise her grades accordingly. He also said he's met with the chief of the Education Faculty to ask if he was aware of the claim of sexual harassment against the faculty lecturer. The faculty chief denied any knowledge into the claim and has been ordered to investigate the allegation and report back to Chuangchote.

Thai ASEAN News Network