Tuesday, February 28, 2012

14-year-old brutally murders mother because she wouldn’t let him join gang

Joshua Smith, 14, was at one of life’s crossroads. His mother, Tamiko Robinson, fought hard to keep the Detroit teen on the straight and narrow. Members of a local gang in their twenties pressured him to live life as they did, on the edge.

Early Monday, Joshua made his decision. According to the Mail Online , he entered his stepfather’s room, got hold of a 12-gauge shotgun, and pumped at least ten rounds into his sleeping mother. The execution, carried out gangland style, was a clear and unambiguous message. It speaks volumes about two lives, destroyed in an instant.

The youth's uncle, LeShaun Roberts, told FOX News Detroit that the child and his mother, who was battling lupus, were constantly at loggerheads over which path his life would take. She wanted him to stay in school and plan his future. He saw her efforts as intrusive.