Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's hard to be policemen in Indonesia

Two Indonesian police officers were burnt to death on the island of Sumatra after locals attacked forces trying to arrest a suspected illegal gambling operator, officials said on Monday.

Five police officers were trying to arrest a suspected illegal gambling operator, identified simply as 'K', in the village of Lau Bekeri in Kutalimbaru and Sei Glugur, which are located in Pancur Batu, North Sumatra, when they were blocked off and attacked by villagers.

Inspector General Saud Usman Nasution, Public Relations chief of Indonesia's National Police, told the Antara news agency that the suspect began shouting 'thief' while escaping arrest. Villagers reacted to the incident and began hurling stones against the police vehicle.

A group of about ten motorcycles then blocked the police vehicle and forced it to stop as it reached Glugur Rimbun road in Simpang Lonceng, Antara said.

Villagers went on to pull out the policemen from the vehicle and crowds began beating them. The police forces shouted, trying to identify themselves, but locals ignored them and then burnt the Kutaling Baru police Intelligence chief's vehicle, killing two policemen who were still inside.