Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to get rid of speed radars

Sharjah police have launched a hunt for a miscreant who shot and damaged 11 speed radars, local daily Gulf News reported on Tuesday.

The police formed a special squad after receiving a tip-off that the radars were being shot at by a youth, the report said.

“We collected evidence from the spot and are about to nab the person who committed the crime. We don’t know his motivation to commit such a crime,” the daily quoted a police official as saying.

“The person responsible for shooting the radar will be arrested soon. He will be punished according to the UAE law,” he added.

The newly installed radars cost AED 250,000 ($68,064).  

Similar incidents have taken place in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, where 15 radars have been vandalised this year alone, daily newspaper Khaleej Times reported.

The devices were sprayed with a coloured chemical rendering them ineffective; some were burnt, or smashed with stones and rods, the report said.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The case of sleeping police officers and their stupid defender

This is from AFP:-

A Bulgarian police spokeswoman was sacked on Thursday after calling a man who took and circulated a photo of three policemen sleeping in their car a "peasant fool," authorities said.

The image of the three men in uniform snoozing in their patrol car in the eastern city of Varna appeared in Bulgarian media and went viral on the Internet in recent days, even though it was taken on July 2.

Asked to comment earlier this week, Varna police spokeswoman Kalinka Pencheva lashed out at the picture's author Boyan Boozov in a television interview.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov personally ordered her dismissal for the "inadmissible" comments, calling them "damaging to the interior ministry's reputation."

No disciplinary measures have so far been taken against the sleeping officers.

Why you should not be a TV anchor

Video of Bird pooping on Fox World Series anchor live. FOX40 Sacramento anchor Paul Robins was vamping on live TV outside of AT&T Park Thursday morning after the big Giants win

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Man attempted to cut off his own penis

A 29 year old Thai man attempted to cut off his own penis and earlier cut off his index finger and thumb while his Girlfriend was out working.

She had returned to their rented apartment at the Porntip Apartments on the Thepprasit Road in Jomtien, Pattaya early on Wednesday Morning but could not enter her apartment so took a spare key from the owner of the building. She gained access and saw her 29 year old boyfriend, Khun Anucha, lying on the floor, covered in blood. The thumb and index finger were recovered and packed in ice and his partially severed penis was bandaged up by rescue workers who soon arrived.

It was known that the victim used to work in Korea where he was given a 2 year contract by a Tech Company. He returned to Thailand before the end of his contract and soon showed signs of a mental illness.

Please marry me

A Pakistani will be deported from the UAE for breaching a woman’s modesty by posting a love letter on her car’s windshield asking her to marry him, UAE daily Gulf News reported.

The woman, 26 from Iran, told police that it wasn’t the first time the defendant has been stalking her for a long while.

“I do not know the defendant in person… but he has done it in the past also. Last time I complained to the police, but then I withdrew my complaint after he signed an undertaking promising not to stalk or harass me,” she was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

The defendant admitted that he posted the love letter, telling court that he loved the woman and was serious about his marriage proposal, the report claimed.

The Dubai misdemeanour Court fined the defendant AED 2000 ($544) and ordered his deportation, the report added.

The decision is subject to appeal within 15 days.

Hey Minister, please do something since foreigners are stealing our women

Only ugly women are left for Singaporeans

A young Singapore man has appealed publicly to Minister in Prime Minister Office Grace Fu during a townhall meeting recently to stop foreign men from ‘stealing’ Singaporean women from local men.

During the Q&A session, he complained that Singapore men are losing out in the race to the altar because local women are increasingly favoring foreign men.

His complaint drew a round of laughter from the audience, but he silenced them with a glaring look:

“I think we shouldn’t laugh. It is an important problem and we need to solve it,” he thundered.

He added that foreign men tend to enjoy higher pay and better perks which give them an unfair advantage in the competition for Singaporean women’s heart.

Unfortunately, there is nothing the government can do about this, he was told.

“The government cannot regulate love,” Ms Fu said.

Sorry Mr Koh, I slept with your wife

An Ang Mo Kio Market pork seller in Singapore known as  Mr Wong had posted an apology in a Chinese newspaper to one Mr Koh for..... sleeping with Mr Koh's wife.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Man failed to settle debt so debt collectors cooked him into curry

A restaurant owner who took a loan of 20 million yen from loan sharks was believed murdered and his body cooked into curry. Three men have been arrested by police and admitted they murdered the loan defaulter and cooked him into curry.

Police would not say whether the suspects had eaten the curry or not. Pic, the suspected curry chefs.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Japanese AV company filmed porn in Singapore resembling a tourism promotion video

A Japanese AV company filmed an adult porn film in Singapore which resembled a tourism promotion video to unsuspecting viewers!

The 2 hour and 40 minute long film depicted a Japanese couple having their holiday in Singapore. The couple was shown having hot sex in various positions in their hotel room with Singapore’s CBD skyline in the background.

After having sex, the couple went to Bugis, Shenton Way and Chinatown and was filmed eating a few famous Singaporean delicacies such as Laksa and prawn noodles.

The film was downloaded by Singapore netizens who expressed concerns that it may be mistaken as a tourism promotional film.

Singapore law prohibits the filming of a pornography film in Singapore under the Undesirable Publications Act. (SOURCE)

IBM CEO Busted for Upskirt iPodomy

IBM Japan’s CEO has been unveiled as a sex criminal after he was caught putting his iPod up the skirt of an unsuspecting female victim, although IBM insists his abrupt resignation was due to “personal reasons”.

According to police, 63-year-old  Takuma Otoshi, IBM Japan’s recently retired CEO, used an iPod to take upskirt videos of a woman riding an escalator at Yotsuya Station in Tokyo one morning.

Incriminating videos were also recovered from his iPod; he explained his crime to police by saying “I was interested in peeping.”

Otoshi joined IBM Japan in 1971 and worked his way up the ranks, being promoted to CEO in 1999, a position which he held until his recent resignation, which supposedly has nothing to do with his arrest despite having occurred in the same month.

He also sits on the boards of a variety of universities and NPOs, and still holds the probable sinecure of “Supreme Advisor” at IBM. However, his profile page on IBM’s website has mysteriously disappeared.
IBM for its part is desperate to avoid commenting on the matter, having provided various reporters a litany of excuses: “he resigned due to personal circumstances,” “we don’t know the details,” “we are looking into the matter” and “as he has already resigned we wish to refrain from commenting on the matter.” - Sankaku Complex

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why you should not steal handphone

A man in Uganda stole a handphone from an Ebola patient in a hospital isolation ward and is now infected with Ebola, says Daily Monitor of Uganda.

When police zeroed in on him after he begun communicating using the phone, he had already developed symptoms similar to those of Ebola and sought treatment at the same hospital.

He later confessed to stealing the handphone. And bad news for him, the guy he stole the handphone from is now dead from Ebola.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soon Thai jails will be full of of taxi drivers

Thai cabbies who refuse to take passengers can now be arrested.

To get police to arrest these cabbies, just call the police hotline 1197 or visit and provide the taxi's licence plate number, Thai polce spokesman said today.

Monday, August 27, 2012

"Angelina Jolie" stabbed a cabbie after he refused more sex

A Romanian taxi driver claims a sex-crazed Angelina Jolie lookalike passenger stabbed him after he refused to satisfy her for a third time.

Nicolae Stan told police stunning Luminita Perijoc, 30, had already forced him at knifepoint to have intercourse and perform oral sex.

He claims Perijoc had asked him to help her with his bags but once inside her apartment she demanded sex. When he refused she allegedly pulled out a knife and forced him to undress.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't flirt with a married woman

A barber in Pakistan was kidnapped and had his eyes gouged with a sharp knife. His ears, nose and tongue were also cut by the kidnappers. All because of his relationship with a married woman froms an influential local family.

Police said five people had been detained over the incident.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bra Is Now A Lethal Weapon. Man Killed By A Woman Using Her Bra

Civilized governments throughtout the world ought to seriously consider banning women from wearing bras. It has been proven, once and for all, that a bra is a dangerous weapon.

A woman in East Siberia has been arrested by police for killing an elderly gentleman with her bra. The 26-year old woman has been charged with murder. The woman who was drunk at that time was charged with strangling her 65-year old neighbor with her bra.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Robin Hood is well and alive and is now living as a mayor of a Spanish town

A Spanish mayor has become a cult hero in the austerity-gripped country after orchestrating several thefts at local supermarkets, giving the stolen food to the poor.

The mayor proudly said he is ready to face prosecution, branding the poverty in Spain “a disgrace.”

During the thefts, Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, mayor of the southern town of Marinaleda, was reportedly seen outside the shop shouting encouragement. Trolleys laden with staple items like pasta and oil were stolen by labor unionists intending to pass on the goods to struggling families in the area.

Accused of masterminding two such raids, Sanchez Gordillo has so far avoided arrest due to political immunity for elected officials. In a bid to draw attention to the plight of the poor in the region, he has offered to drop his immunity.

Seven people have been detained so far in connection with the robberies, which have earned Sanchez Gordillo and his followers widespread acclaim.

Teacher had group sex with students

A former Texas high school English teacher and mother of three is on trial, accused of having sex with five male students.

The evidence against Brittni Colleps, 28, includes cell phone video that allegedly shows group sex between her and four students at her home. Prosecutors say it happened while her children and husband, who is an Army specialist stationed out-of-state, were away. The graphic video was shown to the jury this week.
“She [Colleps] said that she craved, that I had something that she wanted,” one of the students involved testified.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Obama! You've got a brother

Obama! You've got a brother. George Hussein, half brother to Obama lives in poverty in a slum in Nairobi (that is in Kenya)

Saudi to build WOMEN ONLY city

Saudi Arabia is a strict country which abides by the laws of Shari’a and segregation has been a major part of it. The new women-only city proposed by a group of Saudi businesswomen is currently in the planning and is set to open next year.

The aim is to allow more women the opportunity to work and achieve greater financial independence without defying the country’s Islamic laws.

The industrial site will be built in the Eastern province of Hofuf which was chosen because of its close proximity to residential neighbourhood. Thus, making it easier for women to commute back and forth from work.

This latest development is expected to attract 500 million riyals (RM415 mil) in investments and create 5,000 job opportunities in the textiles, pharmaceuticals and food processing industries. Women-run firms and production lines are also expected to be in the pipeline.

Never ask a soldier whether he has a ticket

A ticket collector was attacked aboard a Jakarta-bound express train on Sunday after he allegedly told a member of the Indonesian Military (TNI) that he wasn’t allowed to sit in business class without first purchasing a ticket.

Train operator Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) has requested an investigation into allegations after an unidentified solider struck the ticket collector in the face.

“[The] Cirebon express train was traveling from Tegal to Jakarta, and every time it passed a station there were ticket checks,” Lukman, the ticket collector,  told Antara. “When I asked the military member for the ticket, he hit my nose and left cheek.”

Lukman had already warned the soldier that he did not have a ticket for business class, he said - Jakarta Globe

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are you gay? Then you will to undergo this anal test

Dozens of people demonstrated outside the law courts in the Lebanese capital on Saturday to protest the use of anal "tests" on men suspected of homosexuality, which is a criminal offence in the Arab country.

The rally followed a July 28 police raid on a gay venue in a working class district of Beirut when 36 men were taken into custody and forced to undergo the examinations, reportedly to determine their sexual orientation.

Child Ghost Leaping Over Car

Camera set up to capture vandals records footage of 'child ghost' leaping over family car, A couple who set up a CCTV camera to catch vandals were left aflutter when it captured this eerie footage - of what they believe is a 'child ghost' leaping over their car.

Friday, August 10, 2012

If you are poor with public speaking, you can learn something from Hun Sen

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen spoke in parliament for five hours on Thursday. The speech was nationally televised and it was compulsory for civil servants in Cambodia to watch the speech.

The speech was believed to be the longest ever by Hun Sen in his 27 years as Cambodian Prime Minister. And he spoke continously for 5 hours without a break.

Bikini dance during a flight. How about nude dance?

A private airline in Vietnam was fined for having women dance through the cabin in bikinis during a flight, an official said Thursday.

About 10 women in bikini tops and sarongs sashayed down the aisle of a Viet Jet Air flight Sunday from Ho Chi Minh City to the coastal city of Da Nang.

The budget airline was fined 1,000 dollars for hosting the show without official permission, said chief inspector of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, Nguyen Trong Thang.

How not to win a war

More than two years after being told they were fake, Thailand's military is still using bogus bomb detectors that were fraudulently sold by a discredited British company, according to the country’s Department of Special Investigation.

Thai security forces so far have bought 1,576 of the fake devices at a cost of US$30 million, investigators said, which the army currently uses against Islamist guerrillas despite a U.S. Embassy alert that the devices are "like a toy."

Asia Sentinel and other publications reported on Feb, 17, 2010, that the devices were fake. Then-Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said at the time that the devices had worked only four times in 20 field tests, a frequency even below random chance. Critics said the use of the devices could subject the users to the possibility of being blown if the operator fails to detect a nearby explosive that is detonated.

The Department of Special Investigation --Thailand's equivalent to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation -- announced two weeks ago that the manufacturers and distributors of the useless devices fraudulently sold them to Thailand's security forces and other agencies. The DSI then sent the case to the National Anti-Corruption Commission, which set up 13 panels on July 24 to investigate the purchases

Sex in the office


What is the frequency of experiencing various sexual situations office women in the United States.

Population studied:

7642 women working in offices in major cities around the United States were interviewed by a major polling organization.

358 women refused to be interviewed for the study.


  1. 10% of the women have sex within the first hour of a first date 
  2. 20% of the women have had sex in a non-traditional place 
  3. 29% of the women have never experienced homosexual relations 
  4. 36% of the women favor nudity during sex 
  5. 45% of the women prefer dark men with blue eyes 
  6. 70% of the women prefer sex in the morning 
  7. 82% of the women would like to experience sex with a stranger on a beach 
  8. 97% of the women have never experienced sex in the office. 


Statistically speaking, you have a better chance of having sex in the morning with a strange woman on the beach than to have sex in the office at the end of the day.


Do not stay late in the office. Nothing good will ever come of it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Her mother is not worth even S$2,000

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that an accountant in Singapore refused to be associated with her mother even after her death all because of the S$2,000 in funeral expenses.

The accountant, in her 30s, did not show up after learning of her mother's death at a nursing home.

Apparently, she did not want to spend on the funeral expenses.

An undertaker who learnt about the matter donated a casket and paid for the last rites. The undertaker said he was saddened by the accountant's act.

The daily, which did not state when the woman died, reported that the accountant claimed she was only a relative when she first sent her mother to the home some 10 years ago.

She visited her mother several times and each time claimed that she was either a friend or a neighbour.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They really hate Nokia in Indonesia

Man died after forced gangbang by six wives

A businessman died after he was forced to have sex by all six of his wife on a rotation basis two days ago.

Preliminary investigation showed that anger and jealousy was the main cause why the man was forced to have sex simultaneously.

According to police, the incident occurred at about 3 pm when Uroko Onoja had just returned to his house and went to rest at the youngest wife room.

But, suddenly, five other wives came to the bedroom carrying knives and demanded that Uroko took turns on all of them. The sex rotation was determined from the youngest to the oldest wife.

According to police, at first all were 'on track', but when the fifth wife turn came Uroko was not breathing.

"Suddenly, my husband stopped breathing, and they (the wives of others) continued to laugh, but when they saw he fell, they all panicked and ran into the woods," said one of his wives Uroko.

Nigeria police have so far arrested two wives to assist investigations.

Here comes a two-headed calf. Soon there will be three-headed man

Residents of Lawang, a village in Indonesia were shocked by the birth of two-headed calf.

Harun, the calf owner told nothing strange happened before the birth. He said he intended to keep the calf though there were various offers for it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wife tried to chop off hubby genitals for having an affair

An enraged wife repeatedly chopped the head of her cheating Cambodian husband with a kitchen knife and tried to slice his genitals off but did not succeed.

When she realized her husband was having an affair, she got furious, so she used her kitchen knife that she was carrying to chop him on his head and face, and then tried to cut his genitals. Luckily for the husband, his friends restrained her, and she escaped in the aftermath.

Both were working in a construction site in Thailand.

Beggar (supposedly broke) offered S$500 to cops

Singapore police has arrested a beggar for attempting to bribe two police officers. He was accused of offering S$500 and some foreign money to two police officers.

The beggar has been handed to Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

If you don't like your HR Manager, burn him to death

Up to 100 people have been arrested for attacking managers and executives at India's top carmaker - Maruti Suzuki plant. The chaos left one dead and many injured, forcing the plant to suspend its operations.

A burned body had been recovered from the plant's main conference room after clashes between workers and executives erupted late on Wednesday. The body was identified as a General Manager in the Human Resource department of the company.

Ninety nine workers have been already arrested following the violence, which charges ranging from murder, attempted murder, infliction of grievous bodily harm and rioting. Police say more arrests are likely to come over the next 48 hours – most of those accused are union leaders and workers - RT

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How not to pay taxi fare .... and in the process get yourself charged in a court of law

A 29-year-old was fined $1,200 after being found guilty of two counts of fare evasion, reported The Straits Times.

Unemployed Tanya Azzure Lee had skipped paying taxi drivers their fare for at least 34 times, reported the newspaper.

The traffic court was told how she hopped into a taxi at Whampoa on April 15 last year, travelled to her destination in Woodlands Avenue 7, and then told the driver that she could not pay the fare of $17.80.

She then told the driver that she would go up to her relative's home and get the money to settle the fare. The taxi driver rejected the idea and told her that he would drive her to a police station instead.

She handed over her identity card and took down the driver's mobile phone number, promising to settle the fare the following day.

However, she failed to do so and the driver made a police report on April 18.

On Sep 7, she made another trip from Whampoa to Woodlands at 12.30 am, and attempted the same ruse on the taxi driver. This time round she handed over her mobile number, identity card number and name. The taxi driver also took a photograph of the woman.

Once again she failed to settle a taxi fare of $25.20.

She was fined $600 on each of the two counts but had been allowed to settle the other 32 fares - SOURCE

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to get rid of a deformed child

Pakistani police have arrested a man accused of burying his newborn daughter alive because she was physically deformed.

Mohammed Anwar, a police officer in the city of Khanewal in the eastern Punjab province, said the child was born on Thursday at a hospital in the nearby town of Kacha Khuh.

But after seeing his little girl, father Chand Khan is said to have been shocked that she had 'abnormal features'.

He then set about planning how to dispose of her body, it is claimed.

According to police, he told relatives that the baby was born dead and arranged a funeral for the girl.

But shockingly, the baby let out a cry during the service.

Chand is then accused of burying the girl alive.

Prime Minister Lee, please save me, somebody is trying to rape me!

Viewers of this morning’s Channel 8 talk-show ‘Hello, Good Morning!’ in Singapore were shocked when a lady called in to the programme and shouted in Mandarin:

“Prime Minister Lee, please save me, somebody is trying to rape me!”

Waterbeds for cows. What about homeless people?

Waterbeds for Cows? Sound extravagant? Not really, it makes sense. Wellington dairy farmer David Conrad explains....

Teacher who peeps

For ten years, he was a respected teacher at a secondary school.

But Bertrand Ngien Wen-Tseah, 37, hid a dark, dirty secret. He was a peeping Tom.

Instead of respecting and protecting the girls in his school, he leered at them in their most private moments.

Ngien had a well-worked routine. In the morning, he would leave pin-hole cameras carefully hidden in a girls' toilet, which was also used by staff members.

At the end of the work day, he would collect the SD memory card for his viewing pleasure.

Close to tears, Ngien pleaded guilty yesterday to three charges, including insulting the modesty of a woman, for offences committed on Feb 15. Another five charges are being taken into consideration - Asiaone (pic from Straits Times Sg)

Monday, July 16, 2012

My husband is gay

My husband is gay, and we've been married 25 years. It took a lot of pain and adjustment to be where we are now. His family knew this open secret - everyone except me, initially. I just knew I fell in love with this handsome, soft-spoken, well-dressed, rich single guy, and I thought I died and went to heaven. I was a probinsiyana with a very ambitious mother, and my parents-in-law couldn't have found a better match for their son than me.

We made all the noises befitting a young, newly married, good-looking couple in love. We had a big church wedding, a trip abroad for the honeymoon, and a baby within the first year. Our three children came in a row, which made my in-laws delirious. They all thought I had changed him. In three years, we've done our part as a married couple. My husband, that poor guy who had to fulfill a role, told me the truth and gave me the chance to escape to freedom. Or, as he suggested, keep up the pretense until one of us got sick of it. His honesty and kindness won me over, and we're still here.

We live in a beautiful house, attend parties as a couple and travel abroad with our kids - together. It's a given that he'd be going on "alone," attending to his other businesses later on. What is not known is we live separate lives. He has a little place he goes to for his dalliances. He tried hard not to be absent too much from home when the kids were growing up.

For my part, I've had my own flings, but few and far between - just enough to fill my own needs and not cause a scandal. I knew of the rumors circulating in our circle, but nothing flared up because we lived a simple and unpretentious life. Our children grew up in this kind of atmosphere, so we never had a problem.

The secret to our relationship could be that we never tried to change the other for anything. My husband is what he is, and I love him. Many will condemn our arrangement, but what of it? This is the life I've chosen.


Confessions of a woman sex addict

What is it like to be addicted to sex? A self-confessed sex addict reveals how her addiction cost her to lose her husband, job, and baby.

According to a news report, 37-year-old Connie Chew says that whenever the urge to have sex hits her, she gets breathless, experiences hot flushes and images of making out with someone with flash through her mind. She adds that she has to fulfill this urge, no matter what.

As a result, Ms Chew goes looking for sex partners at nightclubs, and also indulges in cybersex and uses sex toys when she is 'unable to find a man'.

She reveals that she once had random sex with a former colleague and ended up at a budget hotel with three other men, all in the same day. When her binge ended at 4am, she decided to turn to her church counsellor, Katherine Ong, for help.

Her addiction has cost her dearly. She is twice divorced and was fired from her last job after an indiscretion was exposed. Her first marriage broke down because her husband was cheating on her. After her divorce, she went online to look for a relationship, and ended up having casual sex with several of these men - SOURCE 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sorry women, no mobile phone for you

Love marriages, unescorted visits to the market and even the use of mobile phones — women up to the age of 40 in Uttar Pradesh’s Bagpat area in India can have none of these. The decision, which seems inspired by a Taliban-style diktat, has been taken by the village elders, ostensibly to safeguard women from “teasing.”

The elders issued a “farman” (diktat) barring women up to the age of 40 from going to the market and using mobile phones in the village and outside their home after complaints of “teasing” and “harassment” were reported from the area.

Sources said the “farman” was issued at the meeting of the panchayat of Asara village in Bagpat district on Tuesday after it was apprised of growing incidents of teasing in the village market. Asara is a Muslim-dominated village and several members of the minority community were present at the meeting.

The not so diplomatic diplomat

The foreign ministry of South Korea has suspended a senior diplomat in Auckland from regular duties for alleged ethical lapses, a ministry official said yesterday.

The consul general in Auckland, whose name was withheld, was called home on June 15 after being accused of engaging in a scuffle with a fellow Korean official posted in New Zealand and sexually harassing female embassy staff.

The ministry will hold a disciplinary committee on Tuesday to decide the level of punishment for the diplomat, the official said on the condition of anonymity.

The consul general has been accused of allegedly touching some female staff at a karaoke bar in Auckland, but he denied the allegations.

How to make fast money...real fast

A 59 year old Singaporean uncle claimed today that he earns about S$50,000 monthly by converting his residence there into a budget ‘part-time’ brothel for prostitutes to conduct their ‘business’.

He reported rent out the rooms in his terrace house in Jalan Suka in Singapore to the freelance prostitutes at a rate of $6 per 10 minutes.

The unlicenced prostitutes hailed mostly from Indonesia and they served mainly the foreign workers working nearby. Unlike prostitutes working legally in brothels, they do not go for monthly medical examination and HIV screening which exposes them to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

If you have no money to to buy a Ferrari, just flag a Ferrari taxi

Don’t be afraid to flag down that Ferrari zipping down Jakarta’s streets over the next few days — they just might give you a ride, for free.

The operator of luxurious Ferrari and Porsche taxis, which launched a sort of “soft opening” in Jakarta on Thursday, will be offering free rides in several locations throughout the capital on Saturday and Monday as part of a promotional campaign.

The new company, MM Cab, announced through its website that its Ferrari 360 taxi and a Porsche Boxster S taxi will be shuttling passengers for free in two shifts on Saturday between 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., and again between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Each taxi is bright yellow in color.

The first shifts will be operating near Wisma Nusantara at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta, as well as Mega Kuningan, Pasar Festival, Setiabudi One Kuningan and Ambassador Mall in South Jakarta.

The evening shift is scheduled to service Plaza Semanggi, EX Plaza and Grand Indonesia in Central Jakarta, as well as at ANTV tower in Kuningan, South Jakarta.

The free trial will last two more days, including Saturday, and again on Monday.

It is not yet clear how much the luxury taxi’s will cost once they start charging. MM Cab countered a rumor through its Twitter account (@mm_cab) that the flag-down fare will be Rp 100,000 ($10.5).

By comparison, flag down fares for the ubiquitous Blue Bird taxis is Rp 6,000, while those for “low-cost” taxis such as Express, Kosti and Putra are 5,000 - BeritaSatu/JG

Duo kill friend's mum for cash to pay prostitute

Two young men who were hooked on booze and women murdered their friend's mother to steal gold and cash from her house in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to pay for a prostitute, reported Makkal Osai.

Police who arrested P. Suresh, 26, and V. Sathish, 22 over the murder of 46-year-old Gnanasoundari were shocked when they learnt that the men had failed in two earlier attempts to kill her.

They strangled her with a skipping rope, then ransacked the house and fled with jewellery and RM86,000 (S$34,286) in cash on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

She scored 99.9% in high school exam and appealed to get 100%

Sarah Hui Xin Wong scored 99.95 per cent in her 2008 final high school exam, but she was not pleased with the result and appealed against it. She believed that she should have gotten 100 per cent if she had been allocated extra time to accommodate her condition, joint hyper mobility of the wrist.

She believed that further privileges would have allowed her to get 100 per cent as her handwriting had become illegible because her hand was cramping.

According to TNT magazine her appeal stated that she should have been given extra time or access to a computer, even though she received some breaks during the exam.

The Sydney Morning Herald also reported that she turned down the option of a writer who would take down her dictation.

Sarah believed that she would have received top marks if she had been treated fairly during the exams. Her current result means that she had fared better than 99.95 per cent of the other students in the university entry rankings.

The Straits Times reported that Sarah, now 21, had lost her appeal at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal, a New South Wales tribunal - SOURCE

Young man slaughtered for converting to Christianity

This supposedly happened in Tunisia. Don't how true is the picture. Video here.

A judge who liked karaoke too much

A judge in Bali was sacked for having karaoke sessions with the lawyer of a plaintiff whose trial he was presiding.

Putu Suika from the Denpasar District Court was dishonorably discharged for violating the Judges’ Code of Conduct, which prohibits judges from being personally involved with lawyers and parties whose cases are being heard by their respective courts.

Putu, who was due to retire in 2013, admitted that he met a lawyer named Irfan at his house for karaoke at least three times.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bride gives birth during wedding ceremony

A woman gave birth only minutes after saying yes to her partner during a wedding ceremony in France.

The wedding was almost postponed after the heavily pregnant bride had had false delivery alarms. She was due on the 14th of July.

Mother and baby were doing well.

To be rich, become a maid in Saudi Arabia

An Indonesian migrant worker in Saudi Arabia has been awarded an inheritance of 20 million Saudi riyals ($5.3 million) from the estate of her late former-employer-turned-husband.

Saudi daily Okaz reported on Tuesday that the Indonesian woman, whose name cannot be revealed for security reasons, came to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid for a property tycoon in the city of Taif.

Monday, July 9, 2012

You wet your bed, you drink your urine

In an incident that sent shock waves across India, a hostel warden at Visva Bharati University in West Bengal forced a fifth-class student to drink her own urine as a punishment for bed-wetting. Uma Poddar, the warden of Karabi Girls' Hostel at the University in Santiniketan, was arrested by the police on Monday, after the 10-year-old victim's parent filed a case against her for the heinous act.

The warden was later granted bail but the university authorities wasted no time in suspending her. Describing the incident as 'deplorable', Visva Bharati university vice-chancellor Sushanta Dasgupta said the warden has been suspended.

The University sources however claimed the warden had made the girl lick the bedsheet she had wetted and had not forced her to drink her urine.

How to shoot your political enemy live on TV

A Jordanian lawmaker is being investigated after pulling a gun on his opponent in a live TV talk show.

Search google now and warm up the earth

One Google search generates around seven grams of carbon dioxide, equal to boiling half a kettle of water, reports US information research specialist Gartner.

The company suggested carbon dioxide emissions generated by the global IT industry account for 2% of the world's total emissions, according to China Economic Weekly, a weekly magazine published under the party-run People's Daily.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

If you are a woman and over 30, you are too old to get married

If you are a 30-year-old Emirati woman and still single, then you have missed the marriage boat: by UAE standards, you are now considered to be too old.

Authorities  in the Gulf state say more women are falling into this category: some  60 percent, according to the latest statistics, raising concerns among  officials and sparking online debates as to why.

The issue has  been the focus of discussions for weeks at the Federal National Council,  the country's appointed consultative body, where members are scrambling  to find a solution to what they believe could be a serious demographic  problem.

"This is very worrying," FNC member Said al-Kitbi told  AFP, adding that there are now more than 175,000 Emirati women who are  over 30 and unmarried.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Girls just love porn

We love porn, admit nine out of ten girls

An X-rated survey has revealed almost a third get ideas from porn to spice up their sex lives.

Online pornography is also popular with 37 per cent logging on for a peek at erotic pictures — and one in 50 even watching at work.

Almost four out of ten like looking at naked women and three out of ten enjoy girl-on-girl action — with a daring nine per cent confessing the porn had inspired them to try it for real.

Half of those polled for Glamour magazine send their lovers sexy photos and 16 per cent have stripped off for a webcam.

The Sun told last week how UK women are snapping up sex toys hoping to re-enact the titillating tales in E L James’s bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.

But blokes are just as hooked on porn. A fifth look at it online at least once a day, according to a similar poll in GQ magazine.

And they’re getting kinkier — 60 per cent claim they’ve been in an orgy, over half said they’d had a threesome and almost two-thirds had taken part in webcam sex.

The full survey results are in the August editions of Glamour and GQ - AsiaOne

Smoking orangutan to be moved away from people

Tori, a smoking orangutan at Solo’s Taru Jurug Zoo, will soon be forced to kick the habit.

The Center for Orangutan Protection (COP) and zoo management are planning to move her, along with her partner, to a small island in the middle of the Central Java zoo’s lake to keep her away from zoo visitors who are enabling the ape by tossing cigarettes into her cage.

“We have proposed that the zoo place her on the island, in the middle of the lake, to keep her away from visitors,” Daniek Hendarto, coordinator of COP, told the Jakarta Globe on Tuesday.

Daniek said Tori learned how to smoke by imitating visitors taking puffs near her cage. Her parents were also smokers - Jakarta Globe

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You don't stop a concert especially when it is a dangdut concert

A police station and local office of a youth organization were allegedly vandalized by members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) on Sunday after the hard-line Islamists were attacked by youths while trying to shut down a dangdut performance in Ciawi, Tasikmalaya, West Java, police said.

A brawl broke out between members of the FPI and the local Karang Taruna youth organization Saturday night. The Islamist organization — known for conducting violent raids on events deemed immoral — tried to shut down a dangdut concert, but were met with resistance from members of the local youth organization. The youths reportedly beat three members of the FPI after the failed raid.

Local police, stationed in a subdistrict office next door, arrested those involved in the brawl, West Java Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Martinus Sitompul said.

The FPI then allegedly turned on the police and busted the windows out of the police station, Martinus said.

There are mother's day, father's day, labour day, valentine day and now come a day we really ought to celebrate

The United Nations on Thursday declared that March 20 each year will be the International Day of Happiness -- and it wants everyone to join in the fun.

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution proclaiming the new commemoration that adds to an already packed UN calendar of international days -- from world poetry day to world migratory bird day.

"The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal," said the resolution which was passed by consensus in the 193-member assembly.

My mother is a pilot

The pilot of an Air India passenger plane seated his mother in the cockpit for a domestic flight, refusing to take off without her after he could not get her a free ticket, a report said Sunday.

The pilot allegedly demanded that his mother be issued a "dummy boarding card" at Pune airport in western India and placed her in a jump seat reserved for the crew for the two-hour flight to the capital New Delhi.

"When the pilot insisted on taking his mother on board, the operations and commercial departments were informed," an airport official told the Sunday Express. "The pilot threatened that he would not fly without his mother."

The pilot said that his mother was sick and he could not leave her at the airport, the paper reported.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wearing skirts is defined as pornography

The newly established Indonesian anti-pornography task force says it will crack down on women wearing skirts that fall above the knee as such clothing will be included in the group’s universal definition of pornography.

Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali, the task force’s chairman, said Wednesday that the definition would be universally applied to all regions in the country, regardless of cultural background.

“We have yet to set a standard definition of pornography on which we will base our work. However, there must be a set of universal criteria to define something as pornographic, one of which will be when a woman wears a skirt above the knee,” Suryadharma told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with the House of Representatives’ Commission VIII overseeing religious and social affairs on Wednesday.

You watch porn, you get exploding headaches

A 24-year-old unmarried man in India complained of intense "exploding" headaches while watching pornography, researchers said.

The case study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, said the unnamed male software professional said the headaches were so painful after two years he sought the help of a doctor.

Researchers from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in New Delhi said the man said the headaches would develop gradually over 5 minutes of viewing videos and would peak within 8 to 10 minutes. "The intensity was so severe that the man had to abort watching. There was no accompanying nausea or vomiting. Progressively, he started to refrain from viewing videos as a means of avoiding headaches."

The man had no history of head injury or meningoencephalitis in early childhood. He did not have a history suggestive of migraine, tension type or exertional headache, the researchers said.

Magnetic resonance imaging, angiography of brain and electroencephalogram tests were normal, the researchers added.

"The man was advised to take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent combination -- 400 milligrams of ibuprofen and 500 mg of paracetamol, commonly used for the relief of headaches and other minor aches -- half an hour before watching pornography. The man reported significant pain relief."

Djinns moved bus from a highway to a forest

A bus driver in Central Java Indonesia (laden with with 33 passengers) suddenly found himself confused when the bus he was driving on a highway ended up in a jungle.

The driver could not move his bus since it was surrounded by big trees. Even a police car called to the scene could not enter the area because of thick forest. The bus was later moved out after workers from the bus company chopped off some trees.

The bus was believed to be moved by mystery creatures or djinns since the area is believed to be a sacred area.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Help! Termites eat my money

A TAIWANESE undergraduate who kept her entire savings in a safe at home because she did not trust banks found her NT$1mil (RM106,600) in notes eaten by termites, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.

The woman, who only wished to be known as Chen, said she had saved the money since young for her studies overseas.

“It was money from my ang pow, pocket money and earnings from doing part-time jobs. I always opened the safe and counted the money,” she said.

However, Chen said when she opened the safe last month, she found only pieces of the banknotes in it.

“They were all eaten by termites,” she said.

She sought help from an expert in the police force, who helped her tape the pieces of banknotes together.

However, Chen only managed to recover 2% of her savings, about NT$20,000 (RM2,132).

Anonymous hacked the wrong site

The campaign of Anonymous to free Japan from the bondage of unduly harsh copyright law has got off to a less than auspicious start after the group bumblingly hacked the wrong site, thinking it was humiliating the central government by defacing their site only to find it had instead ruined the site of a river works office in Ibaraki.

Along with various political and official websites loosely connected to the law (for some reason Japan’s recording industry mafia group JASRAC has been spared), Anonymous defaced the site of the Kasumigaura river management office, a governmental body primarily concerned with flood control and water management in eastern Kanto.

Are birds cleverer than humans?

A pet parakeet that escaped from its Japanese home has been reunited with its owner - after it was able to tell police its address.

The baby-blue bird flew from its owner's home in Sagamihara, west of Tokyo, into a nearby hotel where it perched on the shoulder of a guest.

Its owner, a 64-year-old woman, had lost a pet bird before and was determined to prevent it from happening again - so she taught it to repeat where she lived, right down to the house number.

After being caught by police, the bird stayed silent for three days before squawking its address.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear teachers, don't save your sex video on the school server

A group of students at an international school in Singapore chanced upon a video showing two of their teachers having sex. The video was found while they were browsing the school server.

The video has since spread to other schools.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Beware, your wife might hire hitmen to kill you

An Indonesian housewife paid hitmen US$21,000 to kill her husband, police in Bandung, Indonesia said. The woman and two men were arrested after the fatal shooting.

“The perpetrators that have been arrested are victim’s former wife, 33, the murderer, 42, and [another man], also 42, who planned the murder,” said National Police Spokesman Ins. Gen. Saud Usman Nasution.

If you have too many boyfriends, your friend will murder you

Police on Friday arrested three women for allegedly murdering a five-month pregnant “friend” of theirs, whose dead body was found in a garbage dump site in Depok in Indonesia on Tuesday.

Depok Police chief Sr. Comr Mulyadi Kahari said the three women allegedly murdered Titi Mujarwati, 29, because they were jealous of her, citing her many boyfriends. Titi was a door-to-door saleswoman of household equipment.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Virgin wife petitions court for divorce

A 26-year-old woman has approached a Delhi court with a plea to annul her marriage, saying her husband is "psychologically impotent" and despite being married for several months, they have had no sexual relations.

Citing the inability of her husband to consummate the marriage as a ground for "mental cruelty", the woman said she was ready to undergo medical examination anywhere to prove her virginity - Times of India

We love Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was never going to show up at Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno stadium on Sunday. But that didn’t stop dozens of fans from gathering outside the stadium for a rally against the increasing influence of Indonesia's hard-line Islamist organizations.

Fans, known as “Little Monsters” placed flowers outside the stadium in a mock memorial service for “the death of freedom of expression in Indonesia.” Others staged a flash mob, dancing for seven minutes to a mix of the US pop star’s hits.

“We recorded [the rally] and uploaded it to the Internet so the world can see that not all Indonesians condone violence,” said Tria Meirina, one of the organizers of Sunday’s event - Jakarta Globe

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Even if you are dressed up as a female don't expose yourself to another female if you are male

A male doctor who exposed himself to a 19-year old girl while dressed up as a schoolgirl pleaded guilty in a Singapore court yesterday.

He was sentenced to serve a year's probation and ordered to do 60 hours of community service. The judge also him to attend treatment at Institute of Mental Health.

If you are a teacher, don't scold your students

An upset parent in Singapore had lodged a police report after his daughter was told by a teacher,'I don't want to see your face.'

The teacher and the school had since apologized for the incident.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to cook your money and multiply it

Two men convinced a bar owner in rural South Africa she could multiply bank notes just by boiling them in a chemical solution. They then proceed with a demonstration by boiling a 10-rand (1 euro) note in the solution to produce three new notes with different serial numbers.

They then persuaded the bar owner to withdraw 1,000 rand to be boiled to become thousands of rand. She then withdrew the money but before it was cooked the police was tipped off.

How to rob without even trying

Robbers threw human excrement (that is human sh*t) at people who just withdrew money from banks then they offred to help the victims clean it up before robbing them. They have made off with A$38,000 so far.

"These robberies are vile and sickening in their nature and we are doing everything we can to catch those responsible," Australian police said.

All three incidents happened in Sydney.

There are two Indonesian ghosts alive in Jakarta

The Jakarta city administration has moved with exceptional speed to cut down an old mahogany tree said to harbor two distinct forms of Indonesian ghosts.

The extraordinary turn of events has led the religious affairs minister to call on people not to be influenced by “mystical” stories and the National Police chief to appeal for calm.

The saga began when a pocong (shrouded corpse ghost) and kuntilanak (vampiric female ghost) revealed themselves to a child who reportedly made the mistake of relieving himself against the old tree in Roxy, Central Jakarta, on Nov. 26.

In the hysteria that has followed since, hundreds of people have begun visiting the tree with at least ten becoming possessed by spirits.

Photographs and video purporting to be of both the pocong and kuntilanak are now circulating on the Internet.

Ferry Abdillah Kadir, a local official, told that the sightings had drawn large crowds that had caused major traffic congestion.

He said he had sent a letter of request to the Jakarta Park and Cemetery Agency to remove the tree.

Though the agency acted quickly and cut down the tree on Thursday, the spectacle is not over — speculation is mounting that the ghosts have simply moved to one of three neighboring mahogany trees, reported.

How not to pay your restaurant bill

Police in Jakarta said a businessman pointed a gun at a restaurant waiter after a scuffle when the businesman refused to pay his bill.

He was arrested after the worker lodged a report. He could be jailed for five years if proven guilty.

Islam accepts "homosexuality"

Homosexuals and homosexuality are natural and created by God, thus permissible within Islam, a discussion concluded here Thursday.

Moderate Muslim scholars said there were no reasons to reject homosexuals under Islam, and that the condemnation of homosexuals and homosexuality by mainstream ulema and many other Muslims was based on narrow-minded interpretations of Islamic teachings.

Siti Musdah Mulia of the Indonesia Conference of Religions and Peace cited the Koran's al-Hujurat (49:3) that one of the blessings for human beings was that all men and women are equal, regardless of ethnicity, wealth, social positions or even sexual orientation - Jakarta Post

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If you are sick I can send a Muslim jinn to cure you for a fee

A number of Saudi nationals suffering from physical and mental problems have fallen victim to an unknown man whom lives in Egypt and claims he can cure them by sending over a ‘Muslim jinn’ [genie] to address their health issues.

The Egyptian’s agent in Saudi Arabia arranges a phone call, understandably, to identify the exact nature of their medical emergency, and too, establish which jinn to dispatch in order to properly address the problem.

“People who spoke to the man in that country were asked to transfer a specific sum of money to his account so he can send them a Muslim jinn,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq said in a published report.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police, discovered the scam when they arrested the man’s aide in the city of Onaiza.

Hardworking, dilligent and intelligent Singaporeans failed to detect school texbook error for seven years

An error in a history textbook used by secondary schools in Singapore has gone undetected for seven years, until now.

In an explanation of governance in ancient China, the textbook erroneously refers to "feudal lords" during the Shang and Western Zhou dynasties as the "shi" - a glaring inaccuracy, say history academics and experts.

The "shi", they point out, are the nobles and intellectuals who may hold positions in government and sometimes own land, but they ultimately yield to the feudal class, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

The textbook with the conspicuous mistake is "The Living Past - History of Ancient India, China and Southeast Asia", which is approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Now in its second edition, the first version was approved by MOE for use back in 2006 - eadvantage

How to beat a casino. Make your own cash chips

Police detected six pieces of counterfeit S$500 cash chips in circulation at the Resort World Sentosa casino on Jan 22 last year. After investigation, the police managed to identidy the culprit and arrested a male Singaporean and he would be charged in court soon.

If convicted of the offence using counterfeit chips under the Casino Control Act, the suspect may be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years or to a fine not exceeding S$150,000, or both.

"Incorruptible" real police arrest corrupt fake police

Jakarta Police have arrested four alleged members of a group of thugs that specialize in posing as police officers to extort money from victims.

“These suspects have been held responsible over two cases, in which they had extorted Rp 178 million [US$19,400] and Rp 140 million from their respective victims,” Jakarta police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said on Wednesday.

The group members, only identified as IS, CS, T and AS, allegedly posed as police officers whenever they met their targeted victims.

After a short introduction, he said, the suspects usually took their victims for a ride, threatening them with weapons and taking their money before dumping them at random places, like toll roads.

Rikwanto said the police have confiscated cars, firearms and money.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My teacher was a porn star

A teacher had been sacked after her pupils discovered her porn star past and began furiously downloading her videos.

The 31-year-old woman was working as a science teacher at a California middle school, apparently without incident.

However, her pupils discovered her previous career was of a rather different variety, and included hardcore porn appearances under the stage name of “Tiffany Six,” appearing as recently as 2009 in such classics as “Big Sausage Pizza,” “Tiffany Six Stacked Blonde With Amazing Breasts” and “Tiffany Goes For a Ride On Black Cock.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Police and soldiers are meant to protect the country not shooting at each other

Nine police officers from the Gorontalo Police Mobile Brigade have been named suspects in a shootout with the military that left one soldier dead.

The police did not identify the suspects but said that one is a middle-ranked officer and eight are non-commissioned officers.

“Nine Brimob officers have been named suspects,” National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Muhammad Taufik said on Friday, referring to the police’s Mobile Brigade. “They were the ones who fired the shots, and that’s a criminal violation.”

They have been detained and charged with a criminal offence, he said, adding that they also violated a professional ethics code.

Of their dismissal, he said: “We’ll have to wait for the court proceedings.”

“We’re speeding up the process of completing their dossiers,” he added. “The ballistics process is also still under way.”

Firman Baso, the officer who died on Thursday after Sunday’s shootout, was buried in Watampone Heroes Cemetery on Friday in his hometown of Bone, South Sulawesi, about 180 kilometers from the provincial capital Makassar. His death marked the first fatality in the violent brawl that injured five other soldiers and two police officers - Jakarta Globe

Ladyboys who are not so lady-like at all

An Iranian tourist was attacked by two transvestites on Soi Pattaya 10, Pattaya police said.

Reza Sumieypor told police that one of the "ladyboys" struck him with a high-heeled shoe while the other waited. Police said Patthera Samrongphan confessed to hitting the Iranian tourist on the head after a fight erupted when the victim paid him Bt600 for sex in a nearby hotel, after initially promising Bt1,000.

After Reza had his wound attended to, he told police he didn't want to file charges against the two suspects, but demanded that they pay him Bt4,700 in damages and apologise. (Picture and story from The Nation)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two religious teachers sodomized their 8-year old student

Makassar. Police in South Sulawesi’s Gowa district arrested two Koran recital teachers on Wednesday for allegedly sodomizing an 8-year-old student.

The suspects, identified only as A.J. and A.H., are alleged to have been caught by a resident in the act of removing the boy’s trousers in their room on the second floor of a mosque on Tuesday night.

They were not reported or handed over to the police. Instead, residents waited until about 2 a.m. on Wednesday, when they rushed into the mosque, reportedly with the aim of handing out mob justice to the suspects.

The two teachers were able to flee the mob and ran to the nearest police station while being chased by the residents.


Egypt husbands may soon be allowed to have sex with their dead wives

Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives - for up to six hours after their death.

The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament. It will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14 and the ridding of women's rights of getting education and employment.


Man collapsed after seeing wife in porn movies

An Egyptian man surfing for porn on the Internet was in for a shock when he discovered his wife was the star of the movie he was watching, UAE website Emirates 24/7 reported.

The man, identified as Ramadan, confronted his wife after making the shocking discovery at an Internet shop, where he collapsed, the website added.

“I found 11 films showing my wife in indecent scenes with her lover….it was the first time I watched a porno film and I did this just out of curiosity,” the website quoted the man as saying, citing Egyptian newspapers.

“She first denied it and accused me of being insane before I faced her with the films…she then confessed to be still in love with her boyfriend, saying he is as young as her and that I am an old man.”

It is not known if Ramadan has filed for divorce, but the website reported him as saying he had been happy during their 16-year marriage.

Monday, April 23, 2012

You don't buy me PlayStation, I shoot you

A four-year-old Saudi boy shot his father in the head while playing with his gun at their house, reportedly after his parent refused to buy him a PlayStation video game console.

After the boy and his father returned home from the shop, the man, in his forties, put down his pistol while taking off his shirt.

He did not notice that his son had grabbed his gun and was playing with it before putting his little finger on the trigger.

The father died instantly.

"He he, got you! I have Aids"

A man from Hong Kong is scared to death after a prostitute with whom he had sex with, told him that she was a HIV carrier.

The traumatised Ah Seng (not his real name) said: "I will only know if I‘m infected after the three months window period. Even if I’m lucky, it has already scared the hell out of me," he said .

Ah Seng, a broker, said he had been seeking sex services from prostitutes about once every two weeks over the past 10 years.

Last week, the married man he went to a prostitution centre in Wan Chai.

”A woman in her 20s opened the door. She had an accent that sounded like she was from the countryside."

"She was wearing a pink maid's costume. She was quite sexy and beautiful and had a good figure," said Ah Seng, who paid HK$500 (RM197) to the woman.

After having sex, the woman suddenly laughed and told him: "He he, got you! I have Aids."

The shocked Ah Seng quickly put on his trousers and left the place.

"She looked very calm when she said she had poked holes in the condom I used. My heart almost popped out (after hearing that)," he said - Oriental Daily, HK

Hey police, please arrest me

A man in Chongqing called the police hotline 110 repeatedly over the past eight months to report false cases because he wanted to be arrested.

The 49-year-old man, a gardener surnamed Chen, called police for emergency assistance many times, often claiming people wanted to kill him or that he was dying with a serious disease.

But each time police went to see him, they found him in a drunken state and in no sign of trouble.

"Chen did not say why he called us but just asked us to put him into prison," said a policeman who responded to Chen's calls several times.

Local police believe Chen felt lonely following his divorce and needed company - (Chongqing Evening News)

Black magic man slaughtered own daughter

A 40-year-old man, believed to be a practictioner of black magic, cut the throat of his 5-year old daughter in a village in Karawang district, West Java on Sunday.

The child's body was found in appalling conditions in a room in his house, on Sunday and she was believed to be murdered with a butcher knife while she was sleeping.

Sometimes it's much better to be in prison than outside

300 cellphones, 1,700 meth-amphetamine tablets, and one kilo of crystal meth-amphetamine were found in a Thai jail when more than 600 police officials made a surprise raid on the facility. This happened even after inmates were warned of impending raid by those in power at the prison.

This is probably the most corrupt prison in Thailand. According to inmates you could buy a cellphone for between Bt200,000 to Bt350,000 or if you do not want to bown one, just rent one for Bt10,000 to Bt18,000 for one time use.

The raid was conducted after reports that the prison had become a base for drug-trafficking gangs. Drug-addicts in the province had previously confessed to the police they got their supplies from the jail.

Coke may kill you

A New Zealand woman died as a result of consuming 8 to 10 liters of Coke a day. Natasha harris suddenly collapsed and died at her house when she was preparing her children for school.

Experts believed she died of hypokalemia. A pathologist said high levels of caffeine in Coke built up toxic levels in her body.

Friday, April 20, 2012

It is money, money, money, money and more money

An Indonesian woman is demanding Rp 45 billion from her former husband, a New Zealand businessman, to release their intellectually impaired adult son, who she has chained to a bed in her home in Surabaya, a report said.

The New Zealand Herald reported that despite the issue being raised during Prime Minister John Key’s recent trip to Indonesia, and visits by New Zealand embassy staff and Indonesian Immigration officials to Yuhanie Marisa Latinia’s home, Simon Donaldson, 26, had not been freed.

Simon Donaldson, 26, is a New Zealand citizen and technically an illegal overstayer in Indonesia. He reportedly suffers from leukodystrophy, which causes deteriorating motor skills and bouts of dementia, and is being held against his will.

Father David Donaldson was reportedly awarded sole custody of the former couple’s five adult children when they separated 20 years ago.

The Herald reported that Yuhanie has “demanded more than $6 million (Rp 45 billion) for Simon’s release, saying his sickness is the result of magic brought about by her ex-husband and that he should pay.”

Yuhanie, who has posted a photograph on her Facebook page directing a threat at her former husband, would not comment when contacted by the paper.

You are popular because you are Jewish! There is nothing more crazy than this

Egyptian Islamist Gamal Saber, campaign manager for disqualified Salafist presidential candidate Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail, was expelled from a television program after he told the show host that she was of “Jewish origin.”

Saber told Azza Mustafa, who hosts Studio al-Balad program at Sada al-Balad TV, that the reason of her popularity is that she is of Jewish origin.

“You are a prominent media personality, and you are famous worldwide because you are talented and smart, and you moderate the dialogue very well…But there is another reason why you are so famous. Do you know what it is? I know that you know, but I will let the viewers know as well. [Our host] Azza is of Jewish origin!


Here is a fake colonel. Pretty soon there will be fake generals

The Nigerian Army, 2nd Division on Tuesday in Ibadan, Oyo State, paraded 62- year-old dismissed Corporal Adeleke Johnson, for claiming to be a serving colonel.

The suspect was also accused of duping some unsuspecting youths by organising fake recruitment exercise into the Army.

Adeleke, who was paraded along with the youth, confessed that he was dismissed from the Army in 1981 for selling the command's diesel in Lagos without authorisation. The suspect was wearing a fake Army vest when he was paraded.

The fake colonel, who allegedly assured the youth that he could secure admission for them (24 youths) into the Army School, was said to have collected about N2m from his victims.

The victims (both males and females), comprising university graduates, undergraduates and artisans are from Ekiti, Osun and Ondo states. Their ages are between 17 and 29.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Only good fathers can become cabinet ministers in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov fired a key cabinet minister for being a bad father after one of his sons was involved in a road accident, state media reported Saturday.

Energy and Industry Minister Yarmukhammet Orazgulyev was sacked after his son was involved in a traffic accident with the children of other high-ranking Turkmen officials.

"Some officials are not paying enough attention to the upbringing of their children, at a time when the authority of an official depends a lot on the kind of upbringing his children receive and how they behave in society," Berdymukhamedov told a cabinet meeting.

"Badly brought-up children as rule get into unpleasant and tragic situations, like this traffic accident, which was caused by the children of high ranking officials and had serious consequences," he added.

At the meeting shown on state television, Orazgulyev asked the president's forgiveness for failing to "inspire the members of my family with the teachings and directions of the Protector."

If you want to steal something, British parliament is a good place to start

Four barrels of beer, a bottle of champagne and a bicycle repair kit have been reported stolen from Britain's parliament in recent months, official records showed Tuesday.

A flower arrangement, two iPads, a passport and a printer were also among 36 reported thefts from June up to March 22, according to the House of Commons Commission.

Ten laptop computers, cash, a watch, a medal, two mobile phones, a souvenir, two bags and a trolley with a consignment of books were also on the list.

The Palace of Westminster in central London is surrounded by tight security, with armed police guarding its entrances and patrolling the parliamentary estate.

But the list showed up some light-fingered work going on inside the iconic building.

The thieves' haul was revealed following a question by lawmaker Keith Vaz, who chairs the lower House of Commons' Home Affairs Select Committee scrutiny body - AFP

Parliament becomes a porno shop

The graphic image of a naked woman caused shockwaves in Thailand's parliament on Wednesday when it flashed across big screens during a legislators' debate.

Monitors that had been showing a close-up shots of the parliamentarian addressing the house suddenly flashed a picture of a woman of Asian appearance in a provocative pose.

MP Sanong Thepaksornnarong, from Thailand's Bhumjaithai Party, spotted the picture and called for the session to be halted.

Screens were hastily turned off and an investigation was launched.

House speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont said an official told him the picture signal was beamed in from outside parliament by hackers.

Representatives, from both the lower and upper houses, later recommenced their discussion on a controversial constitutional amendment.

Beware of licking policeman

A Japanese policeman has been arrested for licking a woman's hair in a restaurant, police said Thursday.

Fellow officers detained forensics specialist Tatsuya Ichikawa, 50, at a fast food joint after he was spotted tonguing the locks of an unsuspecting 25-year-old woman in Shizuoka prefecture, central Japan.

"I wanted to lick so I did," Ichikawa told police, according to media reports.

A spokesman for Shizuoka prefectural police confirmed Ichikawa's arrest, adding that he was on medical leave at the time and did not specialise in the analysis of human hair. – AFP

Never be late for your marriage or you may lose your bride

A bridegroom in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh learnt a lesson in punctuality for the rest of his life after he ended up late for his own wedding, only to see that his bride had been married to someone else.

The groom, who is known by the name of Jameel, was to marry his bride at 10.30 am on April 19. Yet he arrived at the venue at six in the evening, keeping his bride’s family waiting for a good eight hours late.

Afterwards, and instead of finding his loving bride awaiting him, which would have been the case had he been on time, Jameel and his wedding party got trashed by his bride’s family with fists and blows until the police intervened to stop the scuffle.

Being late for his own wedding proved costly for a bridegroom as he and his relatives were beaten up by irked family members of the bride who was married off to another person.

After the police pacified the situation, the bride’s family married their daughter to another man, leaving Jameel not only beaten and bruised, but also heartbroken.

It should be mentioned that It is not uncommon in India for a bride and groom not to have seen each other until the day of the wedding, with the pair being arranged by the respective families. However, while the traditions are changing, in parts of rural India it continues to remain unchanged.

Sorcerer cast a spell on a 13-year old girl in a shopping mall and the sorcerer was promptly arrested and would probably be beheaded

A Sri Lankan woman has been arrested on suspicion of casting a spell on a 13-year-old girl during a Saudi family's shopping trip, a police spokesman said on Wednesday, and may face death in a country where convicted sorcerers are beheaded.

The spokesman, Mesfir al-Juayed, confirmed to Reuters by phone that details of the woman's arrest published in local media were correct.

The daily Okaz reported that a Saudi man had complained his daughter had "suddenly started acting in an abnormal way, and that happened after she came close to the Sri Lankan woman" in a large shopping mall in the port city of Jeddah.

"He reported her to the security forces, asking for her arrest and the specialized units dealt with the situation swiftly… and succeeded in arresting her," Okaz reported on Wednesday.


Even as little as $1 may get you killed

Houston police say four teens have been accused of killing a homeless man for all the money he had — a dollar.

Capital murder charges were filed Tuesday against Carlos Fernandez, 18, Marilyn Villarreal, 18, and Michael Correa, 17. A 16-year-old girl was held in juvenile custody on a capital murder count.

The body of 32-year-old Pedro Miguel Ramos was discovered April 4 in an alley. Houston police say the victim had been robbed and shot.


Gay and tomboys are barred from schools

Saudi Arabia has decided to bar “gays and tom-boys” from its government schools and universities, in a crackdown the Kingdom.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the brutal law enforcement authority, has been asked to enforce the new orders, according to the Arabic language quotidian, Sharq.

“Instructions have been issued to all public schools and universities to ban the entry of gays and tomboys and to intensify their efforts to fight this phenomenon, which has been promoted by some websites,” the paper reported.

The paper did not specify from whom those orders were given, but said gay and tomboyish students can go back to schools and universities if they prove they have had their behavior modified and are reformed from those urges.

It said high-level orders have been issued to the Commission to immediately enforce the new rules and to step up efforts to combat this phenomenon and other “unacceptable behavior” in public places.

Homosexuality is punishable by death in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, though, generally lashings and prison sentences are issued.

We are the police, if you belittle us we will arrest you

Indonesia's National Police have washed their hands of the controversial arrest on Tuesday of 10 employees of a newspaper in Sumedang, West Java, saying any punishment against the district police chief must come from the provincial police.

Brig. Gen. Muhammad Taufik, a National Police spokesman, acknowledged on Wednesday that the order by Sumedang Police Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Eka Bakti Satria to arrest the Sumedang Ekspres staff was “not the right move,” but added that the West Java Police would be handling the fallout.

“It was not the right move because it wasn’t in line with an agreement signed in February between the National Police chief and the Press Council [on legal protection for journalists],” he  said. “But whether there are any sanctions, disciplinary action or ethics reviews [against Eka], I don’t know. We’ve left the case up to the West Java Police as the party with the authority to decide on any punishment.”

The controversy centers on the arrest of the newspaper employees during a parade to mark the 343rd anniversary of the founding of Sumedang on Tuesday.

The Ekspres, which took part in the parade, had decked out its car with poster-sized copies of some of its previous headlines, one of which read “Oknum Polisi Ngamuk” (“Rogue Police Officer Goes Berserk”). The story was from the paper’s April 4 edition, covering a story on police violence.

The car followed the parade route through the main town square, passing in front of a podium where Eka was seated alongside other top district officials.

Eka then ordered his men to stop the car and arrest the crew.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to control unruly crowds, Indonesian style

Some 33,000 police and military officers have been deployed nationwide, with some saying they would stop at nothing to maintain order, but thousands took to the country’s streets on Tuesday anyway to protest the proposed fuel price hike.

But it was music rather than menace that proved the more effective tactic for dispersing demonstrators in East Java.

The Madiun district Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) put on a live dangdut and reog ponogoro (traditional Javanese lion dance) show ahead of the massive demonstration being staged there by the opposition Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P).

Just minutes after the protest’s organizer took the microphone to begin his rally speech, a majority of the protesters began turning their attention instead to the live show.

“Even though some of the protesters are busy dancing and enjoying the entertainment provided, deep down we are all still rejecting the central government’s plan to raise the [subsidized] fuel prices in April,” said Subari, the protest’s coordinator and secretary of the local PDI-P branch.

The protest lasted two hours, with most of the demonstrators disbanding by noon - Jakarta Globe

Warning: Cellphone can cause your gun to fire

Spooked by the sound of his own phone ringing, a police officer in Bali fired several shots inside a bank in Denpasar on Tuesday.

Chief Brig. I.G. Agung of the Bali Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) was on guard at the community savings and loan office and was seated with his automatic rifle pointing up when his cellphone rang.

In surprise he fired off at least seven rounds, prompting bank customers to panic. No one was injured.